Plain English : Crime to Life

You better not pass me!

April 29, 2020 Aaron Frisby - Gillis English Season 1 Episode 5
Plain English : Crime to Life
You better not pass me!
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More drugs stories from in and out of prison, some interesting characters and a general Q and A with Gillis about life in prison.

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spk_1:   0:03
way. Welcome back. Everybody is a plain English podcast thinking McKinsey. I thought I'd be my daughter. What I'm doing downstairs, talking to myself for a couple hours a week. So thank you, missy. Welcome, everybody to the fifth episode off the Plain English podcast. This one's a bit of a recap from last week. We we talk about had a how they get drugs into prison. We talk about some more drug stories who have failed a teams of getting drugs in the prison, some characters along the way and just the general question on suspicion with Gillis, which unearth some great stories. When I say great stories, you guys know that some of them are funny and something horrific, but that is kind of the name of a game. Speaking of names, I guess Gillislee slipped last week that his last name is English. So I hope that the title of this podcast makes a lot more sense to some of you, you listeners. If you do have any questions for Gillis, feel free to hit us up on socials. We're on Facebook and Instagram with any questions. If there is anyone still listen to this podcast off above sprout link that's been seen to them. Be sure to click on that and go to Apple podcast us that you or Google podcasts. That way you're going to an app to listen to your podcasts When your phone goes to sleep. The podcast doesn't turn off, which we've got some feedback from the bus sprouts. Right? That's what's happening. So be sure to do that. Today's episode. It's another good one. There's a few laughs to be had in great stories. Today's episode is called You've Been Not Passed Me. Have you guys enjoy, sir? Enlightment. I've run out of minutes on the squad. Casting.

spk_0:   1:51
What minutes? Um, people for my minutes.

spk_1:   1:55
I didn't need conversation. We like you have one minute left when you you want got flash president?

spk_0:   2:03
Actually, yeah, you do. Get a minute warning on your phone call. It's when you say that that we're used to everything. Yeah, I know you do with new forms of pay phones,

spk_1:   2:12
right? So if you got a few characters in mind,

spk_0:   2:16
but his times, you care because work? Yeah, I Where there's lots of people I can think of,

spk_1:   2:22
um, he touched on. Actually, I got some questions from you. Feel a lot from the last episode that I got from a few people.

spk_0:   2:29
Okay, A bro. I got a question for you.

spk_1:   2:33
Oh, no.

spk_0:   2:34
So I get to keep this bone. Is this my own

spk_1:   2:36
now? Hell, yeah. I thought you're an iPhone guy.

spk_0:   2:40
I like both. You won't run to phones. Ah, I think I was just I was just curious. I was just looking e well up for better, though,

spk_1:   2:51
it was way better. Yeah, the cake questions from the last. Steve said, can you get more time techno onto your sentence for any drug crimes in prison?

spk_0:   3:01
Oh, yeah, for sure. It depends if you get street charged or institutional charge. So if you get charged inside, that's kangaroo court, and then you just get consequences inside. Obviously, like you could get finds. And you got a payoff for your little measly canteen. Or you got a fucking get whole time or stuff like that. Um, if you get street charge, then you get more time out onto your sentence. For sure. It's consecutive like I one time got time added on to my sentence a year consecutive. So I was only doing that? Uh, 15 years. The judge I had on a year. So then that changed my parole date. So I ended up, actually get note anything six months later, but and that was for it. Um, and you know, what was the charge? Obstruction, obstruction of justice.

spk_1:   3:53
What was the story behind? This

spk_0:   3:55
was when I was in the hole and the cops were trying to investigate an assault, and they were trying to push me into saying something because I was involved, too. A prior I was involved in an assault afterwards. Now I was in the hole they thought was the same people they're trying to pressure me and everything saying we want to know who is old Wall course. I'm not going to tell him. But then they said, Well, we're going to charge you for obstruction of justice. I was thinking Yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah, whatever. And go away. And it was the RCMP. They left, and then they came back with the actual charge that they had a charge for me. Protection, justice. And this is your last chance. Probable. And had the episode there, too. And I was like, I was the foot doctor and mission of the still care here. You're being charged so that I had to go to court talking my buddy Gary in the hole and I was like, Fuck, they actually did. Charge me is like, OK, whatever Go to court. It won't be Fuck all I go to court and they gave me a year. Doesn't happen very often. And I do 15 years. They must

spk_1:   4:56
threaten it. They must three in that. Quite a lot. Does it happen? Quite a lot inside. It was that kind of a weird one.

spk_0:   5:01
I know that was a weird one. Normally working, you don't join pressure you in shit. That was Just do every higher time.

spk_1:   5:10
The assault must be in a pretty serious one of the

spk_0:   5:12
doctors were pretty bad assault, and they were trying to get whoever was involved. Remember I told you that time I got right with those six guys, I went outside and working. I lost that ship, but I was with those two guys that tried walking up behind me, And I was like, because if you gotta walk up behind me and so I basically walked right into the middle of the other four guys in womb working started to get parking it up. Did you ever hit me and everything? And it wasn't really doing anything, and I could tell, but they're going to keep doing it and chill. They actually saw some. And there was a bench judge I grabbed onto the bench in there. Check this one guy was like, jumped in there somehow I can't see, but probably he beat me behind the back with a kick. And when he landed, I think he fell down. And so that was been in my head. I was thinking they're gonna stop till they see substance. So then while actually when it first started I want to string on somebody someone strong hit me, I would this spring back Excuse My my ah, hand left my fucking body heading towards something. Boom! I got hit from both sides, like, to my face are, And so it was useless. So but nobody was hitting me hard enough to knock me out. And that's what I mean, like, they're just gonna keep it. Me. But they were fucking me up. Of course, Um, like, I'm getting hit over the base back. Shit. and I'm holding onto this bench. There's a bench in there in the back 40 where it was happening in this little corner, and I'm holding onto it within myself up. So I think I got to go down there. They're going to stop. And I have clear enough head. Actually, this whole thing was like slow motion. I think if I go down and these guys stop stomping on matters, so I don't wanna But I think I can just engage this six and then I'm gonna get really lit up. So, uh, just what I'm thinking about Olsen. Our guys punch gets doing, hits me on the chin so on the side of the jaw. And so I pretend it's hard enough to knock me out, and I go with it. And as I go down and playing possum and then the benches there So as I fall, I move my head under the bench. That can't stop. Sure enough if you're a couple kicks to you And then they all took off just like I thought. They wanted to see that they did something. She was a runaway. I go to stand up in This is old timer. No, Bruce, He's walking by. And I said to stand up. I'm like, punch drunk, working. I can't working walk straight from getting so many punches that they took to cooking. Okay? And he said your right kid. And I was like, Yeah, and ago he was Ah, coming Really surprised me. I'm good. And I sat back down on the bench as we heard from ahead to clear because, like, literally, I was walking like I was drunk. So I stood back up after a minute. You start walking to my unit. I don't know how bad it is, but as I walk into my unit before they know the lights are on me. Was a couple guys waiting my way You could call people off the unit. This one guy turns and looks at me. This is in the wintertime so that I want to purchase Hey turns And he looks at me. I can tell by how big his eyes get. I'm not goes bad. It goes Oh, yeah. So it wasn't that bad, though. I put on my I put the hood on my jacket. I sneak onto my range. Well, the guards must have sought and thought I was someone sneaking on the range to get a tattoo or whatever. Get high something. So I mean myself and see if they get in and take my coat off when I turn on my top And just that I splashed my face with water in my face because it is all bloody. But nothing major is just superficial ship from other punches. And as soon as I splash my official of water boom, my cell door ripped open. So how my face looks more bloody than it is because I literally just splashed it with water and salt mixed with the blood when the guards faces all day. Oh, you gotta go to Elgar on my fuck off You I'm good and, uh and you don't have to go to healthier and like flying. Just get the fuck away from myself. And so then the guard leaves my cell. I don't know how many minutes go by, but after Lula Colonnade comes and the guys like Cameron, his name. But he's a fucking punch and he's like, You don't have to go to the hole. You're gonna do a little You have to go to healthcare. And I'm like, I'm not gonna go to fucking healthcare there. You're So I mean, the whole he's like, No, no, I promise you're not gonna go to the hole. And I'm like, OK, and he's caught. He's like the inmate committee, right? So I'm figuring, you know, obviously, if he says I'm not, he's I'm not going to. So I walked off my unit. I tell the guards, as I'm walking up, there's a bubble where you walked by and I tell the guards just staring at me. I'm not gonna go to healthcare. Look, you know, whatever, Not but did I walk by? And so I head to health care. I go to healthcare in Of course, they checked me out and everything. I'm fucking high on heroin because I was just doing heroin for this started. My eyes are working like pin pin holes, and they're shining like my eyes. And nothing's changing. Of course. Give my eyes a pin wholesome down and they go, He might have a concussion all this shit. And now they want to try and send me to the fucking Haslett outside hospital. And I'm refusing. I didn't like I'm not going to fucking hospital. Not husband Bynum. And so then they said, Where you going to stay? In the in. The whole were observation because there whatever wanted me to go into a concussion of my for fuck's sakes. Almost double. But I got no choice. Really? Write the man says what you gotta do. You gotta do it. So they keep in the fucking hole the next morning, I think I'm getting out. And then also might. My parole officer comes to see me and says I'm going to stay in the home. Are you fucking kidding me? And I'm trying to get their grandinetti. That's the fucking assholes name that was inmate committee. I'm gonna get fucking immaturity down here. Get granted any down here. What? I want to get a whole he comes. He doesn't come down that day wasting too like Wednesday or something. Supposed to come down to see everybody. I'm a cake and I've been down there for a few days. I'm not Let me the fuck like it Talk to and get me the fuck out of here. I thought he had something worked out. Rings like Is that gets above my head It's for the good order. The institutional. So he must have got kicked off inmate committee or something. Because the next Wednesday I'm still in the fucking hole. The next one day, my friend Ozzy forking Steinbrecher is a good bro. My, He's dead now. He actually passed away. I got another story about me. Him That's even better. He's a good brew. Over. Hey, you looking Actually got to cappuccino. That's how he died anyways. Really good bromine. He comes down to the hole and I'm telling what happened? This is fucking bullshit. Try and give you the whole that. Go see what I can do. Now he's a different image community. Clearly he's gotten hopefully doesn't get everybody hooked him up with a bunch of to back himself when you still smoke inside. And so this is when the cops come and see me. Because now what just happened? Me, They sought on camera everything because the stupid guard see me come into my unit. So they knew when to check the time to check the camera ship. They see it on the one who the six people that jumped you through them, they can see came to you don't don't know who any of the mark and the people that jumped me. They think you're saying people jump is other people earlier. Clearly the things that I paid hit squad, whatever. Um, fucking so they're pressuring me to tell him who assaulted me, as if I'm going to do that so that they can get these guys. And that's when they threatened to charge me with obstruction of justice. If I don't tell them who saw I said using my Tony and they gave me one year for it. That's like the most you can get for obstruction. Justice Lee, Let's talk about the most. But that was high normally. Get, like, a month, 30 days or something. They gave me one year consecutive on top. My 15 years, all that did was changed My parole dates from, like, five years and 10 years. My, um, stati in my first my a plausibility days just changed by, like, six months or so.

spk_1:   12:41
And what did you get jumped in that situation?

spk_0:   12:44
Oh, that's another long, um, basically a friend of mine asked me to do something for him. Ah, they can't give to close the details because I haven't been charged for this thing, but I think maybe some gusty kills a friend of mine. Um, had to be for somebody that my friend is out. But when I was out on day parole on my first pro moment, everything should happen to my friends. I go inside, my friend want something done about it, to the guy that steel in there. And so I tell him I just come back in and everything. So I agree to do it. And he's gonna you know, there were some He's gonna handle some bank, some bank transfers on the streets from some BT second hooked up. And so I go on, fucking do this guy. Any of these native and then all start rumors That's water out. Oh, idea is a racial saying blabber by, which is bullshit. Of course it's not. I'm mixed blood myself, and I'm not gonna go and tell your here. I'm fucking inish Not, but I'm a Jew. We just a giant fucking Bauer. And you. So anyways, the fight ends of happened. I end up getting jumped. It's now it's done. Commutes over. I walked back in my unit. It's good. I don't give a fuck, right? Um I didn't even bring out a blade or nothing. I was like, whatever was just fucking go do it this and so in my eyes, it was totally done to the stupid fucking guard. Saw me made me go to healthcare. Healthcare. Fuck over. Tell me staying the whole overnight that gave the man time to assess the situation and say, Oh, we're gonna keep him in the hole and will use him as leverage to try. I know he's doing these assaults because I guess whoever did the assault before me was the same. You know, six guys that it was a figures, The same people. I honestly don't even know if it was right.

spk_1:   14:29
So you're the one that got jumped and unit up getting an extra gear because of it? Because you don't know.

spk_0:   14:34
I kind of got a year doing on top of me. Yeah, but that's that's prison, right? That's working politics, Joe. Spot six

spk_1:   14:41
and the inmate committee that you're talking about Is that a fellow inmate that they kind of have you?

spk_0:   14:47
Yeah. You got inmates in there that get voted into different positions. So one of them is like the chairman of the meat Committee. So you know, all he does is he is No. It's just a figurehead for us inmates in there. But we have sports commissioners in. There's we have a sports permission. We have an inmate fund that we used to. We save money and donate it to, ah, kids. We ceaselessly for kids that are sick and stuff. And if they wish to do some the Children's wish one way, send a bunch of money all the time to that on 1,000,000 shit. We do food drives and stuff in there and send a certain portion of our money to that all the time. And then we use the rest of our money toe help. What other inmates that coming that don't have nothing or if shit gets no. We got fucking read to pay for our own cable increasing. I remember when he speaks to dishes, we need to pay extra for our cable like an actual pipe up in bucks. Your ship that's locks when you only get $69.

spk_1:   15:49
Yeah, and, um, was there any repercussions from that fight? Did you find out who was Did you go after anybody? No,

spk_0:   15:56
no, it were No, it was over. It was done. I was fucking fine with it. But then because I got thrown in the fucking hole, remember? I told you the first, right? And when I was in was in Drumheller. I was in that right, Right. That was in, like, in 99. Um, that was a fucking awesome, right? We're sorry. That was in the 99. That was in 97. I got in there in 95 97. We had the riot, and that was awesome art. That was in the winter of January 2nd, shortly after 10. 30. Boom! We went off. That's a good story. But that's a fucking story right in himself. Out riot. It went on for about 3.5 hours, but, oh, there was so much crazy fun Shit not being a friend of mine end up sneaking off to get fucking hockey equipment to go. Welcome. Played a bunch of pimps in there that we went to break is he were pimping underage girls and shit. We consider that it's gonna be great. So we're like What? Is that what you spent where, But in this neck in time I would be the horse where the horse was straight. But the horse. So now I'm in the hole because of this bullshit. They just charged me. They were giving me. Ah, Hoekstra year for obstruction. Just I got street time for it. So now they gotta let me out of the hole. That's the protocol. If you get street charge, then you can't get jail charged and vice versa. Right? Charge you both. I've never heard of it. And so that's as far as I know. That's the truth. Um, but I'm in the hold. An awesome boom Drumheller riots. Right? And this is the second time I've been living. Right now they riot. Nobody's getting out of the hole. Nothing's going there, you know, prison goes into fucking emergency lock down for the riot, And that's when guys are getting scooped that were in the right and brought down to the whole. And so now the PC's, which are normally the cleaners, they don't want the job. They don't want to be out on the range there. Nothing there like scared of everyone s down there. So because I was down in the home. I wasn't down there for riding the lives already in the hole. I got the job mean Another friend of mine might Curse was in the hole to We both got the job, so that was cool. We have a bunch of open shit. We're having fun. That's the first time. The whole the cleaners weren't PC's. There's just regular guys. We had the general part really control the horn were possible. It

spk_1:   18:06
was the story that he kind of talked about last time. When I said, You're 100 that's because it was right.

spk_0:   18:13
Yeah, and so that I get So they were taken anyone into the pot general population. So I didn't getting transferred out because of it. I got transferred to another medium security. So I never got to see the guys again or nothing. So it was done. It was over. It was squatting.

spk_1:   18:28
Icing, right? Okay. Andi also touched on. There's obviously a lot of things going to revisit the right and stuff, but you touched on the last time that you're kind of lucky to get out of that of prison without any disease during the left hip, see or anything like that in in prison is there isn't widespread. Like, is there a lot of problems like HIV and a what types of things is there is your huge problem that in prison.

spk_0:   18:57
Oh, yeah. What? Pepsi. When In the hep C thing. HIV? Not so much. These guys usually know they have it. And guys take, you know, most guys a responsible that and you had the heaven. You're just giving it to guys and shitting guys found out you get fucked up for, So that's pretty taking care. But hep C is different. It's not as well known. And when it first started getting passed around the prisons, there was bleach. You could get bleaching the prison, but it was watered down so fucking bad cause they're cheap. It was watered down nothingto one tent working bleached water. Um, that it wasn't strong enough because it helps ease. Everyone was rinsing the rigs and stuff and cleaning the little bit of needles we got in there that we still from health care and shit like that. Some nurses air so cool that go leave. Okay, some syringes for a guy who's still just because they know that we can't get him in there so that we haven't, You know, they leave something cool shit like that most of the time, you got to get him, get him in there one way or another, and we clean them and share them with only your friends and shit. But we didn't have the right kind of bleach. So we're incident with bleach. That wasn't full strength. And then a lot of guys in a Paulson bam, hep c hep c hep c. And we're like, What the fuck? So then they're blaming on the tattooing, this and that. Like maybe the guys weren't being sterile enough. There was a huge increase increasing guys that have have seals. I liked that. I didn't get it. Those I'm OK.

spk_1:   20:20
How easy is it to get Ted hose in prison? Like, obviously, if everyone comes out with one or it seems like it like, it's the guys that of the teddy artists in prison that you go go to fool them, or how does it work?

spk_0:   20:34
What? You mean you got me? Even guys guys in there make homemade tattoo equipment? Yeah, and then you pay them in the street. Kash or drugs or canteen whatever to do a tattoo on your you get shit done free by friends. Just forgetting I would ensure I got all my work is penny prison ing right? As it did in this one girl's name, Kelly, that I got on

spk_1:   21:00
And is the usually a teddy artist in the prison that everyone goes to our as it just, like, give around seven a gold, Or how does it usually work?

spk_0:   21:09
Well, some guys in there, they're just doing it for the first time. They're artists, and then they start tattooing. And the other guys were doing it on the streets already, so they already have the skill. Then they just keep going in there. But I've seen some stuff done in there by some friends. Like all the guys that have done my work Muslim are dead and out spirited, working, overdosed or fucking whatever. Dead somehow. Ah, um, if I'm not mistaking one of the guys that tattooed me, Shawn McCoy, he's overdosed. I believe another guy called Patch cause Union. When I I'm I believe he's dead. Another guy, Jamie. Uh, Nichols. He's over the overdoses. Well, he's dead. These are guys in Alberta working, and they're all overdose now. They're all dead rate working ex friends. So yes, not 22 were alive. They've done the tattoos on me. But all my shit was free or I paid minimal for because there's all friends doing shit for me, Right? My friend Yank, he was from the States fucking He was involved in some crazy shit. Fucking That's a separate piece. I can talk about that shit. Serious shit boat. But he's from the States, Obviously. His nickname's tank. He's a wicked Katulis. But I've seen some stuff done by these guys that really away, boy. Amazing work. And they're doing it with a fucking pen and a bent spoon in the motor out of a disc min or fucking, uh, uh, Sony PlayStation. The first ones when they came up were allowed those inside. Um, guys would take that apart, use the mortar from that, make homemade needles and, uh, take Indian ink pens in doing some we contact. You work on guys

spk_1:   22:47
into the gods cracked down on a confiscate this stuff. Quite a load, or was it just kind of whatever

spk_0:   22:52
that the guards don't have a hard on for, But it is contraband, and if they find it, they'll take it. If they don't like the inmate, though, you know, search to sell lots and take him all the time. There's no when they come down their engines and always tattooing us and uses. You gotta have one or 26 men guys keeping six for the guards so that if the guards come, they don't know how the guard you call. But I was getting my back piece done. I was working. No, no word of lives falling asleep because it was so monotonous. Waiting there sleeping while he's shading and shaving is pretty easy to get used to, is not going in for deep like when he is with the line work. And so I guess I kind of got about half ball sleep and they're saying 66 guards. They put your shirt, put my shirt back down so I get my back piece done. I didn't hear this thing. You have stopping my back. Fuck me. But I woke up from that van up. Yeah, and so you gotta watch from the guards kind of bust, attach us, but they're not that bad about it. It's the bruise, right? They don't want the bruise. They don't bite. Stabbing. It depends on the guards. Depends on the inmates. You got guards in their super goose or bucket Robocops? We call him. You got some guards. They got a belt and they got one of everything on it. They think they're like Bucket Batman or something. Harder Tour.

spk_1:   24:09
What is the dumbest attempt Have you ever seen to get drugs into a prison?

spk_0:   24:14
The dumbest thing. I'll tell you one of them right now. I was involved in it. Uh, okay, so there's this guy accident. He's a fucking piece of shit, right? Um, but anyways, before, if I could I get mixed up with a fine over help working bad. He is. He's in there and another friend of mine's got a deal going with them and they're trying to get dope in, and they're having a hard time with it. And this starts supposed to do it, and he's been jamming out. And the thing is, is that he's gonna There's a hospital nearby, the prison, and that if their injuries, too bad you go to the hospital for, like, stitches, you know, lots of stitches from a stabbing or shit like that. Another guy? Um, he faked a heart attack. I'm not kidding you. It took tobacco from coming. Tobacco put water in it. If his name Scotty fucking filled up with water, and then he fucking drank that tobacco water and fake, like a heart attack in him and it took him to the outside hospital. And then, poof, we took off from the hospital. That was pretty cool, but that's a separate story. So it was this fucking fat pat pieces

spk_1:   25:20
just to touch on that. Did he get away? Or did they obviously caught him again?

spk_0:   25:24
Good economy getting Yeah. Okay. And another good friend of mine had to be tried to pack himself about looking into a box and have himself mailed out. But it's a story. That

spk_1:   25:36
what? I've seen that one in the movies.

spk_0:   25:38
Yeah, Rob Patent. Always a good bromine. I love him. The death that you ever use this. But you're not anyway, using the right with me. But you got some funny stories of that right with him. Ah, but it was this fucking this backpack I get back on track how I come into the stories. That was my friends waiting for him. He's supposed to get some some of the dope that this guy's supposed to bring in. He's where he's not going to get it in. This guy's not doing we're supposed to. So this guy's supposed to go to the hospital, and when he goes to the hospital, he's gonna ask to use the washing. Their and a girl is gonna have already gone there, hit something. The Washington. He's going to grab it, who bit and bring it back into the fucking jail. That's the plan. Apparently he's working, done this before and it's worked. I didn't know anything about it. I've never heard about it. So if it works, I wasn't privy to it. This time. I'm coming in. All my friends says, so they want to make sure he goes to the hospital. They want to make sure it's something good. I'm not OK, all fucking Richards or something, that's I come into the cell and I'm not okay. I'll fucking do it. And so they got sparking piping there just, ah, piece of wood and my friends by those action involved in this and he's there. He's like it's actually yourself. It was done at the end of the range. And so the thing is that I'm gonna smash this going fucking head right on his on his fucking forehead above his eyebrow and that's gonna open him up and then he's gonna get fucking taking up to the hospital. It's gonna be minor, but it's gonna look bad. He's gonna get stitches. He's going to try and use that do is going to speak to the closest Washington wherever he is high that he's going to see the play. And then he's going to go to the Washington Doping. The guards are on Washington candy store is gonna go. So that's the plan. I'm like, OK, I'll fucking smack you my friends, like it's in his cell. Dumped into the range is like, don't get buddy remedy. Worry about its OK, so I got a big towel there and I tell the guy came I going to do it. My friends, that you were a kid. I watched for the guards. Ships were waiting for the guards. Tell us. Go. Okay. After I hit you, you gotta get up. Get the fuck out of this cell and go out there and pretend like you just fell down the stairs and your head is beating from falling down the stairs and Okay, Okay, that's what I do. It's Excellency. Okay. So, right. I'm gonna count to three, and I'm smashing the head. And he's like, OK, and I go close your eyes that on the Flynn check. So he closes his eyes and I go, Okay, I go. One smash it foot yet I didn't want him to be ready for it. Right. So I hear you right after one. Opened up his head, of course. And then And then he's like boys, being old is in my job. I grabbed the tell us, and it's for you. Should be that. Stick it on a Marie. Get the fuck up out there on then, as he's going up, my friend put the telephone, Give me that. We reiterate the stairs and out into the range, and then he watched the stairs. I mean, banging Sounds like Mr Garbage can over. And then the guards look down the range, see him laying on the floor and think or just follow stairs. Well, I don't know. He goes to the hospital. Big production. First, he's in the prison hospital, and it's looking like they're not going to take him out to the street hostel. And then finally, I guess they take him up on the street. Hospital guys are sending word back that they can see that. You know, he didn't didn't see anyone get taken from the whole, which is where the ambulance over the hospital is. Deviancy nam. It's come to the prison, and then they did. Seen on its impurities are Well, this is taking a long time now. It's the next day. He should have been back that night. Well, he gets out the next day from the the health care hole with healthcare has a cell that can keep you in. He gets up from that with nothing, right? And says so we couldn't do a big excuses. All right? So I don't know if he ever could have did it by smashing open his fucking head for it. He's got a big scar across the top of his head for a Pat Moore

spk_1:   29:21
little miss. It almost sounds a bit like a bit of fun. You get to cracking. Definite reason.

spk_0:   29:26
You never I thought it was good. It was a really bad ratting for over a lot of people. So

spk_1:   29:32
I said it was seen different.

spk_0:   29:34
Yeah, it was good.

spk_1:   29:39
And all these these kind of drugs stories. You're usually the pickup guy. Or let's say, hitting a guy with a stick or something. Were you ever involved in something when you were trying to organize things on the outside? And you do not have the context in those areas?

spk_0:   29:55
No. I was always an inside guy. I didn't have people on the outside have the contacts at 800 resources. My family was I was a long way from home. I was from Ontario. And because I did all my robberies in Alberta, I end up in Alberta prisons. Right. Um And then when I got my parole a second time out of Alberta and I came to B C. Then when I fucked up my parole, I got sent back inside to ah, um, the fucking time. From the name of it. Not will you Williams had. It's like a little minimum security here on the island. They only had, like, a year left. That's when we knew each other. They call and I made dinner. Yeah, club fed, Known as I got there because I was already on the island at the end of my sentence. It was only for fucking relax for getting high. So is the deepest. They just had to send me in to let me back up in the anyways and they sent me and then the 70 treatment center. And then I do a match free parking sit there for 30 days. Ah, you know, it's like Matzke when you fuck up. It's the cheesy temporary detainment and then had to go to a treatment center. And I came back to a big Rissman. You and I knew each other, But anyways, back to fuckin, uh, Alberta. When I was there, I didn't know nobody on the streets and stuff other than my friends that maybe have gotten out on ship. So my my rule and stuff usually was inside, but I did. I did have things moved around there like I had. My mom was pretty solid, you know, in some ways. And there was a brief period when her and I were talking for, like, almost a Goodyear less than a year and her feeling bad and shit. You mean you want the what can talk to and make some use of things? I had her middling stuff for me. So that was all right. Yeah. Really. I wasn't really I didn't supply anything like the main doper cash. And you will get, huh?

spk_1:   31:50
You once told me that, um, you're on here own for about seven years and side.

spk_0:   31:56
No, that's, like all together, that was like a heroin addiction. Because inside inside. Oh, yeah. But I didn't start doing it into after, like, my 30 years. So and so that I only did. I did altogether another almost nine years inside. Um, but I wasn't using heroin for the whole thing, but for about half that. So yeah, I For about five years inside, I was

spk_1:   32:21
didn't get Did you get clean and stood?

spk_0:   32:25
Yeah, I was more so mostly morphine. Really module

spk_1:   32:30
because I think you see it once. You just lock yourself in a cell to try and get yourself offer, and you kind of tried toe.

spk_0:   32:37
Oh, like I had to kick inside many times. It's parking. Brutal, right? It's only 34 days of being really sick And then the rest is, you know, not so bad. But you feel like you're fucking your bones here. Your fucking all your muscles egg. You have everything you feel from a flu and a fever you have in your fucking cold sweats reflecting legs passed. He's still working joints A. It's fucking look, It's no wonder people are going continuously. Want to try and get high? Heroin is not like every other thing. When you stop using, start to feel better right away like you're doing coke. You stop using sure you're craving it. But if you have a shower, go to sleep and eat something, you're better the next day. You're better than you were the day before on opiates like heroin and morphine. When you're kicking it, when you stop the day after, you're in really bad shape two days after your even worse shape three days after you stopped you, even in worse sparking shape, it's worse than risk. As you dope sick, you go into massive withdrawals with Harris. That's what you want to keep using all the time. That's why it's a really bad addiction, right, because you really are physical physically dependent on it as well as documented.

spk_1:   33:46
So was there any of over a period of time where you're completely clean inside and we need to get released? Where you clean at that stage?

spk_0:   33:55
Yeah, I got out from my first parole. I got out for both my pearls. I got out clean the first time I did. I did five years. I didn't start using infill walking like the end of my third year. So going into my fourth year, so only used for, like, two years. But even then I was using for, like, a year and 1/2 I went up for parole like I was hiding it. Well, I wasn't using it really bad. And I got parole to get out, to go to nature. And I was doing chemistry, and I got that job at the lab. Britain is a lab tech, and I was doing awesome because when I went in, I was like, total badass kids. So for me to be doing this well was crazy. And so I got a pro that I got pro basically just well in a school because I got an advanced high school prom. I was inside. You're in distance learning. Not that gv fucking shit. Hello, Awesome. For everyone against G, it's awesome. But I just I want to actually do the sport and that's what got me parole. Thank God, because I was in on violence. I shot somebody. I technical shooting at halftime, but I didn't get a halftime restriction. So when I went up to a pro it five year mark, I got my pro and I had to get When they gave it to me, I was still using. And then I like 34 months to chill. I got Oh, so that's 34 months I cleaned up to get Oaks. I was on April and I couldn't get ready. We're excited to find out halfway host for me to go to on my people. That's why I went to Edmonton. And then I was going to Nate doing the Camp Tech program, and I got a job at Mike Ryan doing, uh, uh, Michael critics and this stuff respecting patented it wiser you couldn't even learn it in school. It was invented by some students in the teachers at the U of a University of Alberta, and it was with the government and it responded and everything. And then they decided, privatized. Stop taking funding from the government, privatized and move from the UK campus over to the ah, um Everton Research Development part. I was like a think tank of Alberta, and they bought of this building from thermic edge. Whatever. I would think they went under. And yeah, I was working for these guys fucking in their king room. So I was telling my Prosser what my job was in the moratorium unless she understood. She said, And so it was awesome. And she didn't even want to go to my job or anything to shoot a rocket fired. She wasn't Summer Mission officer production show up? Yeah, clean at that time. And then when I went back, I fucking used, like, almost two years, and I cleaned up, like, six months been used for, like, six months off and on for the when I went back, I went back for six years, right? Whenever back I got sent back in after being open for 11 months or so for almost a year, working at the lab and going to NATO in my chemistry, I get sent back for fucking selling steroids and working one relapse. And I told them I was using because I thought they knew I was on speed. There's first time I ever did speed it on the streets in the community. And I was in the Mexican pistol and stuff like that. So the same thing, right? And my friend gave me some so high. I thought the stock with the half girls knew I was high already. So I told my wife, I tell him I'm high. They'll think I confessed and they'll give me a chance because other guys get chances. I told him what happened. Boom. No chance. I got sent back in because I was on zero tolerance and this was in Alberta, and so I got sent back, and I thought, Okay, well, when I go in front of the parole board, know that tobacco is that you guys have come back in for words. Other guys have got note, not anything. A month later, they get dirty, pissed us. Go on the run and everything get busted, gets sent back, they get back. Oh, something all get back up. Sure. I go in front of the fucking bored and boom. They deny me. They don't let me back on my holy fox after that. Is it for cues? I'm not applying for parole again. Inside, six years left into my statutory release, that's when they had to let me out. That was 2/3 of the rest of my sentence. I had, like, nine years left for six years was 2/3 of the nine. So I knew in six years I was getting over. Sure five this time now. So I told my pro officer every year I could go up in front of the border. Said, No, no, I don't want to go up. I want to go up national Bullshit. I stayed for my Yes, I know what I'm getting No time getting over six years. And that's when I started to go off because I wasn't trying to get anything. And that's when I started bringing in hope for friends and get involved in all kinds of shit. All kinds of fights and assaults.

spk_1:   38:17
Did you have thrown back? Straighten back to make some security when you go, um, throwing big?

spk_0:   38:24
No, I just got sent back for fucking up my parole. So my points are really low. So I went back into medium,

spk_1:   38:31
right? Have you ever thought about getting back into the Kim Tick field where you think it's too late or what?

spk_0:   38:37
Well, so when I went back in and when I was getting old, I was thinking, this time when I get out now, I got a debt to student loans because I didn't have obviously no chance of fixing that. So when I got sent back and I defaulted on my student loan already for going to nature, and I was when I was I had no money, no chance of making money. And then when I got that job at the lab, I I had to, um, when I was done with, um, Nate for the first semester when I got that job, I couldn't do both. So I dropped out of NATO trying to make money, and I had a feeling and I was starting to go sideways. I guess my attitude a bit. And so I kept doing the job at the live because the only reason I was going to Nate was to get a job like alive anyway, so I figured, Fuck, I scored a job at the live anyways. I mean, it will just stay with them. Quit doing what I'm doing it nature and work. And so then just started making a little bit of money out there. Boom. I got sent back in at all. So this time when I was getting old, I said, When I get out, I need to make money. I can't trying to student loan again and have no money. And I already felt behind everybody. When I got out, I was like, Everyone's ahead of me. Everyone's already got no vehicles and some people Are you working on payments for hallways isn't shit. So now I'm getting sent back in again, and now it's gonna be even longer when I get out this time. Now, it's gonna be parking just a little over 10 years. So I'm thinking, Are we all together of doing time minus my, um, one year arm parole when you're on parole time? Still counting. So that 11 months I was on parole still counted off my overall sentence. So I finally got out. I had 12 years of 15 um, about Anyways,

spk_1:   40:20
the question was, when you got the seeking time to devote have aspirations of getting back into that field.

spk_0:   40:26
Oh, well, so I wanted to make money this time. So I said, when I get out, I'm going to get a job. Instead, we're going to do a trade, not something. I met you at Parker Johnson doing the sheet metal, but even then I had a hard time. When I got parole, I first started with Troy in the Xining department. These guys took me to do a fucking roof, and I was trying to be cool. I was working hard, and the more they tore off them wide cleanup. So they're really impressed with the heart does work. And I told the guy I want a shingle, right? And so Okay, well, we we care ar 15 up enough. There's enough time and you can see it. But the more I cleaned up, the more they just pour off. So I was never getting shoot, and I told the guy, like, one thing about it, and then he's like, OK, and then So he realized he was being a dick, But then the other guys working with him, I'm going down the ladder and I hear people off something about I just working. You know, something I can really be, Doc. I would back up, and I said here I was trying to be fucking cool about this, You know what I mean? But I said I'm done. I'll help you guys finish this fucking roof. But when this is done, I'm done on Krypton, and I start going down the ladder. And that's when I hear the guy said I just make a Markle, okay? But you use every back up the ladder like I was trying to be nice, but you fucking boots wanna fuck around? Fuck it and thats like they're all scared when that's my really, really shit. What am I doing it? So I just stopped and went back down the ladder. It fuck are still mad and everything. That's what I'm just I just read it walked away, you know? So I get a phone call from choice. I guess they call him from what happened, and he's like, fucking amo. Can you go back and help him? I know. Try Fucking done. I go back. A pitchfork was used to the roof, and that was the ongoing joke with him. for a while here and that he said, Okay, well, I'm gonna come pick you up on He said. Very. And I was walking down fucking East sanity West and Short and he came and picked me up and then so I said, I'm sorry, Troy, that you don't Whenever I said I tried to recover these guys. He says, No. He says, I think, you know, after he started about everything right, I guess on the right, he thought about a problem. But I told him, and he says He says, I think they just your tooled And you know, you got too much like experience to be working because just the labor He said they should have let you do something So he says. But I don't want you didn't go. I said I was gonna quit, right? And he said, We'll try and find something else. He said, Have you ever done Ah, porch on flat roof? No. Go get one show that I was like, Okay, sure, I'll try that. So then when we get back, he's like, you gotta watch a video about it and everything. Orientation video. I'm watching it on the way these guys are acting towards each other, being really, like, just fucking Rudin. Shitting disrespect ones. I'll never be able to handle their self parking. Put somebody's head in the fucking car. So I just I called trying us to try it on and let you go on again. I'm just gonna tell you right now, I don't think I could do this. This paperwork And he's like, Okay, well, don't going. We'll be right back. He says, I got one more thing in my and that's when he got ahold of my duck in the sheet metal. I told my he's got me. And Mike was like, What? He can't work for nobody else. Why the fuck? But I want him. And it was like, No, no, he's actually good work is hard worker. So their natural Troy introducing your mike and Mike was like, Well, does he have tools? And then Troy was like, Yeah, I didn't want story. Bought me all second hand tools to start. That's when I started doing sheet metal. PJ and I've been doing fucking wasn't Russo ever since.

spk_1:   43:39
So it worked out that trolls for his hold on that day.

spk_0:   43:43
Yeah. Choice. Pretty solar electorate. I just always bugged Multi. My sister Detroit, do me a favor. And he's like, What's that? Ago, Every good day. And then my tools people are going in my bag. Take my tools. I remember I wrote on my bag. Fucking so People stayed in my tools. I

spk_1:   44:06
thought that someone else write that on the bet that, um just to go back on money stories because we're getting a few way through this one way to really touch on any characters. So let's check in Iran. Want me? Let's talk about it. He that you touched on just before

spk_0:   44:25
my buddy Ed spread out.

spk_1:   44:27
Is this the one he just mentioned? Go to kept it.

spk_0:   44:32
Oh, no. Ozzy Steinbrecher! Ozy! Sorry, Mamba. He had no So I'm nothing but love that, bro. Blocking me him some good stories is so I met him in the pen and working. I went into the pen and 95 or 97 African was in the first riot in Drum, and me and Ozzy were in there. And so it is. A big fucking crowd is a big German guy, right? And we're trying to get into the bubble and the bubbles got all the safety glass around it with wire mesh to it. So it's hard to get through. And so when the riot starts, I'm over in the front courtyard. As it starts with a boom, it goes off. I'll just fast forward. I run into the unit. It's like 10 minutes into the right and I'm yelling, Everyone, let's go. That's because they already started going outside. Our friend Ozzy's there and my little friend comes right up to me. He's got a trade of cool ball, so we start shooting who balls at the guards window and as a pool ball that gets the proportion. They hit this class, they shatter. They white it out, but they don't break it like go through because it's safe. But we're shattering it, waiting it out, and then we run out of pool balls. When I shot one of the pool balls, it ricocheted so fast it almost hit my body, always in the head, and he's like that watch and he's got a floor buffer. His hand. That's like you walks for. You mean shining with her? He's got, got his hands, he's gonna swing it like at the guards who is a bubble. So he swings like walking golf clubs. He's a big boy and he breaks a fucking hole through the glass, right? So I'll stick to just but involved me and Ozzy. And this it's on my fuck course. I climb through the fucking glass and everything, and that's how we got into the bubble on my range that we could push all the cell door of buttons toe open them me get all the guys out of their cells that were locked up already, plus all the guys that tried to lock up in their Selves to hide. I opened up all the doors broke above above the book. So it's like it's time to fucking do this, boys. That was fucking how we started that right? With me and Ozzy. We didn't start it. My Broz on unity started, but that is how my unit got started. So now fast forward. That's we nosy. We just met and drum a few times before. That's That's how me and him really got to know what? You're losing the riot now. Fast forward. We do our time together. It's time I'm in the hole and everything. That's when he hooked up with bells. Everything's being abroad, said He's on the image. Committing on is like, I can't get job but here are hooking up and give me a bunch of bales and shit. I'm like, OK, that gets me doping shit down. The whole helps make a better time in the hole that end up staying down there and I end up staying down there working, getting chance for out because it was So. Now I get out, I'm on parole and I'm liking doing good on parole and everything that I start to set. And at Georgia, I got sent back in for what? Can I start zone steroids in the halfway host And I relaxed right? Aren't fucking painkillers and Coke this time, But first I reaction to painkillers. I'm at this guy's house where I'm getting him in limited. I don't know nobody. Everything's a big fucking city. I managed to find this one guy. I can get working morphine from Mattis Hope. I'm trying to get a little bit off, and I guess I was hurting for cash stand. That's right, because you know the school stuff and started, I started working, elaborate and bring through That would be the money had it was just part time. I hadn't quit need yet. Then fucking it was Ozzie walks into this guy's host, who for? Hey, bro, it is a hey, what's up? And so then this guy's like, Oh, you know, just guys my brew from the enemy. So Aggies Ozzy tells me what all you got and the guys that Geiger's because I want it all and under only far right. And so, um, And then Ozzy says the guy wants What's ghosts or get the guy says Bari says Clare Gillis is that And then he buys everything. The guy hasn't because I was just asking tough stuff, not just like, Well, come on, me. So I take off with them and, uh, we go back to his hotel and he tells me what happened. He p passed away and he got but busted for this and everything. But what he did was he robbed something to do with the money Mark and a girl that was working and he got this girl in love with them. She was like overweight blonde girl. She died with him in the accent that he died in. I'm and shrimp that Money Mart. Somehow she he got it set up that they took the place for half a $1,000,000. It was in the newspaper. This was an engine on fucking Ah, so we're in there and he starts telling me that just he's got 10 other details yet. But he told me since we didn't score, we got lots of money and he's showing this other guy I think they're returning this working randy guy. He turns out to be a piece of shit. I'm hard of how odd you got busted. Um, it was he was Ozzy's. Corky was just because he happened to be on the run from the hacker. So also showed up in the halfway house with me. Um, when I first got out and then he went on the run and disappeared, so I hadn't seen him for a long time. And he's been out there, you know, read option and avoiding the cops and pulled off this score, and I bumped into my guys house. When I am relaxing, I tell him I wanna go back to the heifer hosts and shit right now. I can't do that. Just come back and you don't see them on stuff. I go meet him the next day and starts get behind. Shit is getting behind coke, right? I'm like, Fuck, I just want to do some morphine ships to cope with me. Well, I started doing them with them. Now I'm really high. I'm pretty fucked up. I want to go back to the half hours to get back to the half. Those I'm craving cope, Misha, crave it. That's my friend. Gave me some meth, and when he gave him the magic fuck me right up. I was sketching right out. I got a funny story. That was working time. I did. I speed. And so, anyways, I want to go back to the half host and, uh, turn myself in. And that's what I didn't I got sent back in so that I did that little party thing with my friend Ozzy. That was my girl. And then I get sent back in the drum Now, um, because I turned myself and he gets busted take a couple months later because that randy guy, somehow he gets him busted. Now it's all over the news what Ozzie did in everything. Now as it gets sent back into the pen with me when I'm in the hole, that's when he comes in as inmate committee. Who back and everything. And passwords. More years. I get out there in our being. Now it's 567 years later, that sentence is almost done. I'm out here. I bump into somebody. I can't remember her. No. But anyways, he tells me so. The gods, he's dead. And I'm right where he goes. Yeah, You got into her. Ah, motorcycle accident was the Morris of actual question. I can't remember for sure. It was is that we were driving a car or they're on a morning like it was human. That girl, that blonde girl from the money march. Um, fuckin she, uh, that you got to Capitated. They're driving at a transport, and they drove one of the trail of the transports. A mother. It was winter time, their cider. So I don't know the details, but anyway, that's how he died. He got decapitated by the trailer of the transport, took his head off and killed another girl in an accident. And I was like, Holy fuck my buddies like? Yeah, So all ambition is my bro that I love, right? Aiken losing his head just pretty. Here. What a way to go over. Okay. Yeah. She was one of my rules I met in there.

spk_1:   51:42
Um, you talk about Haughey year Pro Bowls having toe Grady cable, having video games like through holes in your wall. Looks he played to give a But you've got everything in the heavy.

spk_0:   51:57
Um, no, we just got $1500 with the stopping. So what we have is we have a little TV, you can have a little stereo. He could have a little bit of clothes you can have. Ah, you know what? You are lucky

spk_1:   52:11
hockey here for Like I said, he

spk_0:   52:12
get what you're So the hockey gear, that's the prisons. So the prison has hockey gear, and that's where the inmates to use to go play hockey. And then in Drumheller, the guards in boating to embody the guards, play against inmates hockey, right? And it's, you know, a friendly game, right? And, um, the guards usually end up beating inmates with Skilling ship. These is always a few inmates that are really good you know, fuck around with the guards and there's always a couple of minutes. I really strong and check the guards really good, but it's a friend of game overall, but it was when we drive it. It was going to

spk_1:   52:47
be some fights. And there

spk_0:   52:49
Yeah, well, Oh, yeah, but not not with the guards and the inmates. That's a losing battle. Right? Uh, eyes there is their rink in the prison, right in the prison. Yeah, it's in the back 40. We got a backboard. It's a big yard, right? And that's where we can go on while collapse. And out there, we got ah, hockey rink. Plus, we've got another part of the field that is a, um, track, which also inside of the track is our field that we complete soccer, footballing, and then part of the grassy field has little mini pot. One time it was in the newspaper about how the inmates got a golf course and sitting any where we talk about got holes in the ground with little fucking shitty little putters working with, You know, they don't even got a medal. But you can hurt yourself with your fucking cheap, right? And

spk_1:   53:42
there was a golf course that William Head wasn't it. And they closed that down.

spk_0:   53:47
Not that I remember. I was in. We had There's no off course there. Feel that, um, was a baseball field, and there was Goose that getting it all the time. Fucking he's

spk_1:   53:59
so he is a weird question. Uh, excuse me. Um, from all the stories you tell me, like you constantly trying to plan things, there's quite a bit of stuff to do. It doesn't seem like Look, I think you're going to tell us the foods. Probably shit. I know you've told me stories about that, but is it fun in prison?

spk_0:   54:21
I had one. It's fine. It's No, it's what you make of it, right? You're there for fuck you a long time looking for a short time. Some guys don't coming or to your senses like my 2nd 1 was. My person was 15. My 2nd 1 was adduced, so I went back. Birds. Whereas most guys go smaller. Too big, I went bigger. Small. That's progress. Yeah. Um, yeah, it was what was What were

spk_1:   54:51
the question was What is it? Fun prison. You kind of

spk_0:   54:54
Oh, yeah. Yeah, you make you make make of it what you want. Some guys have a hard time in there. That's because that's just and with the eye right there. Either fuck ups or they're doing lots of dope and they can't pay for the door or the gamble lots. And they can't pay for the gambling or they're just, you know, it's like some guys have hard time in there for sure. Some guys just, you know, just hate doing time. But for the most part, you know, just a bunch of good guys. There's a lot of bad guys in goose and shitting or two. What's a good guys? You know, as far as we go and for good hearts anyways. And we have fun in there, right? We make the best of it. We please sports. We have to weekly cars working. Hang on each other cell and watch TV guards give a shit. You know, it kind of coming inmates in a cell with Yeah, yeah, whatever. What?

spk_1:   55:50
Can you die in prison?

spk_0:   55:54
You're not off. I know. You know you can get on Internet?

spk_1:   55:58
No, like, just for learning purposes or just nothing.

spk_0:   56:03
Well, I guess on bones because just when I got out there sneaking phones in the mission right now and and guys were paying to use the phones, so I imagine those had you could have died in the shit on them. So there's that Internet. Yeah, but for the bulk of it, when I was in No, no, there's no like people with computers and logging onto the Internet. No, there's none of that. The only people that even allowed computers in there are lifers. People are doing life bits and for some reason, because they're doing life bit, they're allowed a like a cheap little PC computer in their cell. And it doesn't count towards their $1500 for the property. It's separate from that, and they're allowed it. And my friend Brad working change his name, working silently. His name changed it to She got out trying to keep himself low profile, but he had a computer in their ship, and we play on the computer. I wanted PC once in my PCP. Once in my fucking life, Eunice is when we're in drum, me and my friend Brad. Ah. So when I was in the remand centre before I got sentenced talking about helping people open Shit, how good karma and how things can come around. I was in the remand center. This is French guy in there, Carl Airshow. And he was getting a hard time. But all the guys, because he was, like, record you back and use. He was Yorick. He was a different right. And so, being French, you're Skokie's telling stories and it on hair. And guys don't like when you have long hair in there that you want to be cleaner and shit. You know, he was having issues. I stuck up for Manship and let him hang out with me and stop. I was in there. And so that just saved him a lot of grief. That's no, that's all right. Sometimes you can have a lot of influence in their legs. The things you say can have a huge influence on what happens to people. Right? Uh, that's a side story. Remind me to tell you about it on tight. A couple good ones are just things you can do it. Got money with this time in there. I hope that this Carol Carl guy was friends with the manship now. I'm in drum a couple years ago by later, and he was in the remand centre for smoking PCP from working Que Bec Jolbert and back. Um And so that's why he got arrested in Alberta. And he didn't really know. Nobody hears from you back. So now I get sentenced. And now he shows up in Drumheller also. And I see him and I can He's OK. He's, like, really happy to see me. And he's a Hey, I got something for you, you know? So I go to his unit and then he gives me this little bit of PCP. Just has a little bit and stop because she I want you have a little bit. I've never done this shit before, right? I'm like like I never done this before. How do I do it? And he was How do I do see what you guys do or somebody else's? Yeah, I slowed it, right you and share it with someone else. Started. I'm like, Okay, cool. And so I go back to me and I'm trying to think we can do this way. So I choose my friend Brad, right? Just got many friends. I choose him. He's the life ring. Use a computer. We go to his sell. We stored it. Fucking receipt Ninja. Okay. And so his cell, you can block the windows, everything make it dark. And then we complete doom on his computer and doing out of, you know, Doom. It's like that. Yeah, I love it. Yeah. So we're playing that on this computer. We for this? PCP kicking it up. Little bit of time goes by and everything. He turns on the light to take a piss and shit, and he's like, I don't overly shoeless. I'm like, Yeah, you know what, bro? I don't think I feel it easier. And then we'll start noise and getting mad. We're getting off working. Excited, right? All right, let's go see this fucking guy. So now we're outside, right? You know, never mind the fact that this guy gave this to me. Freas. A gift. We're all hyped up in mad. Let's go talk to my your shit. Right? And so we just walked out of a cell. And so it's the middle of winter time and inside independent. Get these white shower slippers they give you, right? That's all I happened to be wearing when we had outside walking outside Ojai. No coat, no nothing. You just head out. I'm really just my past Go shower super a T shirt, camera over. He's wearing my head outside and then I'm picking the snow, right? And as we're walking in the snow is going proof proof from my kicks and we can see it on the hay bone into the store Looks blue that he's Look what we say, what he sees. He's like, I see it still high right now. You know, some guys bullshit where my fucking shower sandals. I'd kick them off, kicking the snow, some up for my bar, feet in the snow, kicking it with my friend Brad. And I talked. So I think maybe I should have used the ever fucking high. Let's go back to our unit with a good thing. We didn't go see that guy. We're gonna fuck him up, right? It's not about General. We've been staying over high, so we go back in your cell and fuck me. Uh, make your black and block his door out so it's you can't don't like it's in and recovers. Wendover playing his doom game. The creatures you could hear them all in there all sounds like a time lapse from borrow. Some of the guards were open. His cell door is that, you know, we're all highest. Fuck. Used you to get a lock up. And what is? Locker goes. Yeah, fucking time passed. I don't know. We went in there whatever time not was 10 o'clock. 11 oclock lock up. I just went to my cell and just laid there all night. It's high spot. Just let it. We're offering to see I

spk_1:   1:1:06
like it. Now you see Guede from someone having their own PC and that lead into PCP, Everything. You link the two stories big together, Uh, you talk about people were on life. Life is or than a life better. That's all its no life without parole. How long is it in Canada?

spk_0:   1:1:26
Well, life. So when you're doing life, you're always doing time for the difference between a lifer and not doing life is if you're not doing life and you'll get 15 years and at the end of 15 years, no matter where I am, right. My sentences done Whether I've been in prison, rather have been in the community 15 years, 15 years? It's done. If I get out on parole in 10 years, I can stay in the community for five years. That's 15. I'm done. It's over. But if you're a lifer, you have to do a certain amount of your prison, your sentence, save you do in life. 10. You got to do 10. Sometimes you maybe get out in nine. Most guys got to stay into, like year 11 12. They get told no the first time. And so they really do, You know, you know, they get on controlling stock, their own parole for the rest of their life. So if they get in any trouble, they don't go to court. They go right back into the prison. She I'm saying Inundate right there. Did you do in their life? So they're doing life for the rest of their life, and now they got to try and get back out. They've got to try and get a parole again, which is really hard. And then when they get out, it could be they could have got life 10 but it could be 20 years later. They're still doing life. They're Still, they still got to try and get a parole again. They got to get out again. That could be over 34 years. Fuck up and get set back in the prison again. This should be four years later. Even though they're only doing life 10. They're still doing life.

spk_1:   1:2:44
You're so I know a lot of people. Quite, um, quite upset when they hear that a lifetime. CNN's only 13 15 years. But it is like if you stuff up in that time, you still straight back in there.

spk_0:   1:2:58
Break back into the pen, and then you gotta try. You hit the remand centre on the way, but you don't go to court and get proven guilty. You get sent back into the pen and then you got a earn your way back over. You're guilty unless proven otherwise. I've seen guys, they're fucking up and said they get sent back first. Shit, Like, suspicious of being suspicious looking, shoot, inspired, inspired.

spk_1:   1:3:23
Is there any drugs you haven't tried?

spk_0:   1:3:26
Um, I haven't tried looking toads. I'm controlled. Mescal. Oon Um I've been told PCP angel dust are pretty much the same. So it's the same I've done you know the usual accounting pills. Speed hope we alcohols looking. We're doing things I really like Is weed course and painkillers. Everything else have done was just trying to go or working, doing it with something else, right? Sometimes if I who are who I am with what they're doing, I'll do, I'll get high with them. And so they're doing something fucked up. I'll get high with right. I never really got into ecstasy. Your You're and you're not shit. No booking. That's your MGM and everybody got that? Sure.

spk_1:   1:4:17
When you do hear one, you know, you take that hit. How long does that last?

spk_0:   1:4:24
Well, it depends. Have you gotta have it or not? If you got a bad habit, like four hours, if you're just doing it, you know what I mean? Like just getting high here and there. Then it can last all night. If it's morphing, You can do it at, like, six at night and be high all night in your cell. High scratching, not know, watching TV, spilling shit, hurting yourself with a cigarette.

spk_1:   1:4:48
So it's not like one of these drugs. That kind of We hear that any last 18 minutes but people are addicted Toe

spk_0:   1:4:54
law. Oh, no, no. You can get addicted to opiates. Well, I guess it depends on your Constitution, but I know people that you can get chemically dependent on in like, a week. You won't get massively hooked, but you'll do. If you stop your feeling shitting. You're like, I want to do some more. But I know guys that say everyone gun for like, a summer. You mean like 34 months and by the Internet 34 months already being doped simple. They're getting in debt to get more go. They're fucking They can't stop every time it comes around, they want to get high. They're begging for washes, or you or me. I've been pretty fucked up on do it myself, right?

spk_1:   1:5:32
He gives a theory that I've got, and this is definitely brought science. But people who have a prolonged use of marijuana when they're not on it, they have a tough time dealing with their emotions.

spk_0:   1:5:45
Yeah, I think so. Because I don't know, maybe

spk_1:   1:5:48
it's just the people that use it. Do have maybe some anger problem before, but I find

spk_0:   1:5:54
your situation right. Shares what I find from I smoke weed and here's what I find. If you're ever actively smoking weed, I think it does affect your perceptions and my emotional perception. I think I react emotionally, sometimes more when I'm smoking weed, for sure. And then if I haven't been smoking weed and I have been recently that I may react again more emotionally, right down. If I quit smoking weed and it's been like a couple months that I'm back to normal, I'm it's it. Does I react. However I react, I know what you're saying, but it's not so much just that review for smoking when they don't. I think it's just when you smoke weed. For some people, that affects people's emotion responsible for some people have extra motivation. I'm pretty active and energetic, so I don't really get unmotivated. I spoke with you and also it doesn't affect my ability to learn like fucking I remember on my school and shit, I smoked tons. We I'm not saying it hasn't affected me, but I've done a lot of other shit too, and some of still working out of my head on my shoulders,

spk_1:   1:6:59
right, I'm would basically end up just doing another drug podcast.

spk_0:   1:7:05
Uh oh, yeah. I mean, how you really stick One thing,

spk_1:   1:7:11
but that's one point. What next time? Look, I'm keen to get into the riot, but I still think like you've got a lot more characters that we can touch on and do nto the rights. And

spk_0:   1:7:21
I mean that just come up in whatever. I think the characters have just come up in the story that is wrongly and they started. You gotta just remind me like I like we're talking about how the things you say, how much influence you can have, right? Some examples of that. It was like things I've said it caused. Some people harm things I've set of save people's lives literally like. An example of that is that you could be out in the yard or something when someone can come out and they can be thinking about getting into a fight, locking somebody up. It could be a walking with you in a couple rows and shitting. Also, they'll bring up what's going on with them, and depending on what we say in the situation that we say, God, that guy's a fucking group, something that all of sudden this guy's getting punched. Oh, if we say well, he's not too bad. He's a good guy. Your you know, all of a sudden it's getting worked out, you know, depending it is right. So what you say can really affect people we can also, on an extreme level, some examples of that is one time working. Ah, there's four was sent the table. I sit out and my one friend comes and sits down. I got two other friends were there and, you know, he's all exciting subjects. Outlook, he says, telling this story, um, about fucking this old guy, he's older and about how he's giving a really hard time. And then one of my friends is why he's an old guy, you know, Whatever. Don't worry about it. Kind of just trying to tell him. Let it go and I pipe up. I'm like, No, no, I go. Why would you let it go? Just cause he's fucking old? I go. You been around on this fucking planet this fucking long? You should know better. I'm so all I said was, if you're older, you should know better. So you shouldn't get forgiven if you you should forgive a young guy because he doesn't know better. And he's learning. So you give him fucking grace on old guy Fawkes Him he should know better. Do with this fucking consequences. So this gets said next. You know, fucking some time passes fucking we get emergency lock down. We come with the lock time were walking to the kitchen. I sit down, my friend. Guess what happened. I make why you our other friend, that friend that was having a hard time with the old guy, He was, uh, so and so Witten fucking stabbed him. And I was like, What It was? Yeah, I guess. He Okay, so he took what I said literally. And when he's an average sparking guy over his beef right now, another example of things I said There save people is one of my work. Oh, partners in there on. When he first came in, he was a young guy, and he came in straight from young offender, and he was in there. He had some cool, which uses and stuff. And he was in there for killing a cop with speed belt in Calgary can read about it in the paper anyway. She was young when it happened. He was stealing cars. He was driving a stolen car that police officers throughout a spike belt. He screwed where they were. And I don't think that you try to get the common purpose. We end up hitting the police officer and killed them, right? So pretty serious Shit. Brutal. And so he gets thrown in the young offender. And there's some co accusers that are involved with some other stuff they've done around this offense. No, no, they're stealing. Share what? I don't know the exact details, but his co accused gets mixed up with him. So he comes from younger Fender. And I wrote you met him from some from some other guys and they're telling me that he got sentenced in young offender, but because his sentence was so serious, The maximum getting young offenders three years. But because he was so close to being Nadal on because he took peace officers life, they gave him, I think seven years or something. So he had to do is time and young offender int until he turned adult. And then when he was adult Ah, he came from young offender to depend to do adult time. So when he showed up, I got introduced to him from some guys I like to me. Seemed like a good kid. And I took me a workout with me. So I've been talking to him for about two weeks now. And he tells me the story about a Coke use of his and how some guys are confusing him with his this co accused. Now he's worried that, you know, he might have some hard times in there because of this, right? And I have a good feel for my I believe him. And so all suddenly I'm back on my unit. I walk into us over some Broza minor in there. And if you work in court, can and you work in certain things in there, you get still told boots and some guys walk back with them and they get him through there. The Czech waiting to get him back to the units and other still told boots on the unit in these air die shit kickers, right? I just happen to walk into the cell and two of them, and then they screw them all together. They're tough guys. Anyone of them could've fuck this shit up bad. The fact that three of them are on their way to go get him. I know it's not. They're not going to beat him up to teach him a lesson is that when it's done, he's learning. He's a better man for it, you know? They're going to fucking hurt him, right? And so I walk in that car and they're talking about, you know, you like normal. You guys got it. Me? Stop. That's the wrong kid. I says it's his coaches. You get No, no, no, no. Vacuum. We just found. No, we just got word I'm like I'm telling. So obviously, I put my fucking word on good friends of two of the guys, one of the guys like I'm really good friends with, Right? And I'm like, Brolin. I'm giving you my word. Just hold off looking to it. At least young. I mean, he's not We know where he's already talked to me. Way. Don't want to check in and shit. You're on me and we want to fuck him up like he's not going to check in. He's my work. Oh, partner, I'm telling you, he's not running he'll stay. Just look into it. So anyways, they look into it and shit stirring up this kid. It's not this kid. He's a good kid, right? So, yeah, doing his time in their You finish this time in there and he lived. He didn't get Children. He got out and he changed his life, turned it around. No fucking smartened up. And when he was in there, he was always getting in trouble. And I always get among status. Shit. Standish it? No, because you just really didn't fit in there, right? That you just you want to get tattoos? Should I don't get tattoos and keep just a had a shit. He was in there in the right, having I read to the other unit where the right it happened on because that was his Judit and I looked in there, some friends of mine in there. I'm like, Hey, we're working, You know, my friend on parking like he's in here and I'm going crazy and then sticks his head through. I'm looking through the year in the windows into the unit. I can see him in there, and he's all high and shit. I'm like, OK, look after him and they took off my guy. So? So in that case, because I said things good form. He's alive, not happens in all kinds of situations in there. We're what guys say determines the fucking end of the day for some people.

spk_1:   1:13:46
So you got an old guy stabbed and you saved the younger shit.

spk_0:   1:13:51
I didn't mean that shit out. Not like the mark. Your man you fucking know better. I asked you twice the fucking stop doing this shit. You won't leave my name out of your mouth. I'm gonna fucking punch show. That was my message. You know, this guy's gonna keep doing this until fucking you know you Here's you right and fucking out. You went too far. He stopped him, right? He went all the way. Your eyes are you know is better. I'm gonna do him up. No, that was that.

spk_1:   1:14:22
But you know you're right. I know. I know. You miss it just there. But you know, the power of word.

spk_0:   1:14:29
Yeah, I could. I What? You're influence. You can have run stuffer. Nurse you? Yeah, but most guys in the good guys and most guys will even say to other guys. Hey, you're both good guys. You don't let this be cool. Like I remember. There's another Citrus in there. Just real quick story. And there were three brothers in there. They were fucking top brisk walk. One of them was shorter. He looked like the Incredible Hulk. The other ones, those color. He looked like Superman. Like how they draw him in the comics. Like the new way they draw in the comics. These guys were fucking too crazy brothers. They come to the fucking pen and just one of my friends, You know, he's a good guy to, And these guys are good guys. They work in the canteen, my friend happens to most of my from the canteen. They grabbed him right there. They reached through the canteen window, and they're trying to pull him through this little square space. They're gonna fuck him up right there. He managed to pull away and get out there like you. Okay? I fuckin work. You know, like we're going to do with this now. It's even in time. It's like six something. I'm standing there with my friend, and he's time. What's happening is a few months there and he's got a blade in this pocket. Were all time. No, no, bro. Don't take that played. Just go. I said you're gonna get your head fucking punched in. There's nothing you can do about that. But don't bring a blade. We're all telling. Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. And sure enough, they come walking down the breezeway from their work, and they're not even going back to one bruise. Brothers walking. Your brother gets in front of the taller, bigger brother, and he's pushing back. Whoa. You know what I mean? And so let's go in the back 40. And so we're just there, as you know, we don't. We want this not to go bag, right, that they're all good. Bro's, right. Like the one brother, one of those tough brothers. He was on my really race team. I'll tell you that story after this, and it will end on that anyways about characters, right? So now, my good friend, one of the ones that tattooed me, he's a really good bromine. Cal Pulaski, right? Like in changing his name is shit. And we're telling them, bro, don't take this baby. These guys these two brothers show up, they're gonna go walking back. He takes this court off, he reaches in a spark to grab the blade. He pulls up the baby and the one the one guy says to him, You know what I mean? Just as we are finished singing to them here, you guys are all good guys, you know, because they just said watch. They said, ka, let's go right now and then you fucking guys to Let's go like anyone would become. That's what can go and really, you guys all good guys, We just sent a little piece real quick. Kyle drops his coat, grabs his building, and the brother said to him again and said Straight up to him, Psychologist has just come out back, says you bring that you're fucking gonna die. You killed with it, right? And college threw it back at us. So here we hit it back under his coat, and over he went. You punched out a little bit shiners, and that was the end of end of it, right? Being a good So that's one brother. He's fucking toughest frack, right? I got a lot of respect for him, but you don't you don't take no shit. And we went to play soccer one time.

spk_1:   1:17:13
Is this the shoulder? One of the total in the

spk_0:   1:17:15
shorter brother and on his hand, he's got He's got bricks tattooed so that it looks like you're fucking the bricks will from his knuckles up his forehand And there's a movie Once were warriors or something Where a guy has the same tattoo is this guy.

spk_1:   1:17:29
It's New Zealand movie there.

spk_0:   1:17:33
Yeah, I remember when I saw the movie is like, we just got the same thing is my bro, but my bro had this separately already had. This part is cool. It was discovered that I had to think the other guys were just drawn on my broken tattooed on and was This is my bro. We're playing soccer, He runs out, boom Knocks out one guy. Hey, takes the ball from him like, Oh, no brothers, No. We play turns and hold that the rest of us don't be afraid to fight. Boys really grabs right lives on. Yes, we're gonna So I already said I'm fucking fast. We're gonna run the relay race and we're gonna do a med Really so you got to run 400 meters. 202 108 100. So I said, Okay, I'll run the 400 sprint through 400 then my two friends ahead with Mad Mel driver and, uh, Danny Walpole. I said, you guys are both run the 200. They're both pretty fast guys. And we need something to run 800. All the other guys I can think of are taken already by other teams. And we got this in Bagram already telling my guys I'm gonna spent the whole fucking 400. Now you can spend the 400 if you like a fucking Olympic athletes. I'm fucking good, but I'm not conditioned for no foreign meter sprint. But anyways, we go find my bro. Me? Tell him Hey, we need you to run. The 800 cause is really built is really big and tough. Pretty jogs all the time. And so the 800 number to jog. So we tell him Hey, coming like, oh, I don't know that Be fast enough. Were like, No, no, I go. I'm gonna spend the four and under fastest senior. I'm going to respect the whole thing I said, I You're gonna have, like, a tuna. Me a head start right up the hot I said then Dannion Melo going around the tuners. This is You're gonna have a fucking one, not head start already. And you just got to run to I said, Then you get to be on the winning team and you could be your guy. OK, let's do this. You sure? We had. All right, we go up there and really struggle. I light up the 400. I'm working. I'm way ahead, everybody. But then as I'm coming in on the last look like 50 60 minutes, my legs just fucking die. But I could barely stand up. I'm sending signals from my head. My legs like running. Keep going. I could barely stand up. I thought I was gonna fall down, and they're all yelling to me. Fucking hurry up. Come on. I'm like, Fuck, I can't fuck it. I just don't fall down. I managed to get to the bathroom handoff, working for time. They do their to hundreds. We got a good lead for fucking my brother. Like I promised them we would. He tasted baton to run the 800. So as he's running, that's the first of the 400. And I was on the second of the 400 role on one side. He's on the far side of the track now. He's got to run the last 200 so we can hear what's being said over there. But we see everyone running, another catching up to do. You want the big lead. We got him. You just think, you know he's a big fucking boy and these guys, you know, they're out there running a hundreds all the time, even more in that joggers. So as they're starting to catch up to us and we see them all slow down and they're all running Roussel behind him and then he's looking at him, talking about your body. We can't hear what's being said. He's telling them off any, you fucking goose pastor, you're gonna get punched the fuck out. It's so they're already behind them scared. So now when we get to the end of the race is the last little part of the race. They're all too scared to pass him, but they'll want to try and get second. So it's funny to watch these three other guys. You're trying to stay as close to my bro, but not to pass him. But after he crossed the finish line, they all want to try and squeak each other over. The second place is hilarious, but it was good last time. But if it's hopefully the winner race, it's like

spk_1:   1:20:57
good way to finish Mint.

spk_0:   1:21:00
All right, growth,

spk_1:   1:21:01
I'll tell you. Not a good way to finish is by being too scared to pass the guy in front of you and a running race. But I have some good stories there from Gillis, um, some pretty brutal ones, um, talking about the power of word and how he's influenced a few people on in a positive and negative way. Um, but we continue to get some great stories out of Gillis, um, through his life story, I guess. But to think us for listening, as always, give us a review on apple podcasts or however you listening to this thing podcast that would be greatly appreciated will keep the episodes coming. As we said prior, please get on social. Got any questions next week? I think, going to touch on riots. He seems pretty pumped up on that right. It seems to have had a lot of fun, so we'll probably touch on their characters along the way. So thanks very much for left listening and we'll see you next week.