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Pizza Day Riot Act

May 12, 2020 Aaron Frisby - Gillis English Season 1 Episode 7
Plain English : Crime to Life
Pizza Day Riot Act
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How the riot Drumheller riot ends, Gillis is read the riot act and do snitches really get stitches? Oh and Gillis gets stabbed and he tells us how to make a weapon in prison! What more could you ask for?

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Welcome back to plain English crime to life. I'm your host, Aaron Frisby. Where do we leave your last time? We're halfway through a riot at Drumheller Prison. 1997. We're halfway through it, and the Army's just entered the institution to try and stop the riot. Some poor follows just being shot in the arm in the leg, and we find out what happens there. Hello ends. What damaged Iwas? And if there's any repercussions, including if is any repercussions. Full Gillis, as he was pretty heavily involved, also on the absurd. Today, Gillis gets read the Riot Act for his dislike of a certain food, which sounds pretty insane and that the story is pretty insane as well. We also ask him the very important question. Do snitches actually get stitches? He tells us how to make a weapon in prison. Gillis also tells us his nickname in prison, which is also a funny one, and Gillis gets stabbed. So today's episode is called Pizza Day Riot Act. Hope you guys enjoy.

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They started to travel them all and try to get them to go all in to the back 40. And there was this one guy he runs out from the crowd and runs towards the army. When they're all saying, you know, everyone get into the tennis court. He runs out from the group with fucking whatever. Stick it in his hand. He's holding something about fuck use. We want for 10 you know, by my water. All of sudden, they shot him. True for two or three shots, and they shot the shot. The arm that had the stick. Apparently you drop the stick and charging through the legs like you fell down right there in the snow. Working everyone off quickly into looked like in tennis courts. You didn't die or nothing. I can't remember his name. Diamond will show it's just a Yeah, nonfatal shots. Nobody got shot and cured in the right. And actually, most of the guys that got shot you're talking about people getting shot. No one got shot and killed in there. Um, and back most of the people that got shot for actually, guys that weren't riding, they were guys trying to hide from the righty. What I mean by that is so in the guards. When the army showed up and to back up the guards telling us all to lock up when they came down our breezeway into our yard. So basically into our our courtyard in front of all the units, the Army was telling everyone get back onto the units where the guys that were too scared to come onto the units and right with us, they're all trying to stay as close to the Army. It's possible the Army's telling them all to get back, and they're all trying, trying to stay as close to the Army's they can while the Army we were shooting shots warning shots at the ground and that some of the people that were closest to them to make the rest of the guys go back. So most of the guys that actually got shot in the Drumheller right were actually fucking, um no good, Right?

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And how long does it take for the army? Derive like you get a right hit, Ming and then window, they arrive.

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Um, so we started writing at about 10. 25 10 35. Something that I can remember for his five minutes forelock. Oh, or five minutes after 10. 30 is when I'm supposed to be called, um, army showed up about 2.5 hours later. They were coming through the fence

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and ones there I've basically right over all

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is well, No, it took him about an hour to get us all under control. Totally. Um, but like their their no nonsense when they show up there shooting, right? Yeah. So, like, our unit was one of the last units they secured. And we're making wonder my unit. Um, like, uh, before they came on to my unit, Um, I was running around some more like one of my friends got stuck in a cell and I had the fortune goes through the metal wall, banging it to try and get them over the fucking piece of work. An angle iron that we broke off the wall that was underneath a bench seat in the shower room is a friendly through the concrete wall. Was actually walking a good hour. Wasted my time of the Wright smashing memo to get them out and stop. So we're we're doing a lot. Before the army, funny came and in one of my friends that I was running around with that I helped get out of your cell when the And also he was going to come with us to go get the pimps and stuff. But then when we went to go get the equipment to go get them, we couldn't find him. He had this thing set up. So when the guards came through, they were shooting tear guys Canada's and canisters onto our unit and then down our ranges. You were near coming on. Ah, And so he had this big plan in the garbage can. And a bunch of rolls, rolls of toilet paper piled up on the range. And so the plan was when the guards, when the army shot a cannister under our unit, he was going to run and cover it up with the garbage can. And then when it came under a unit, he was gonna shoot the toilet paper rolls at the garbage. Can't knock it over so that it will hit them instead while flock fucking work with him on that. It's thing he fucking two canisters they shot under. Think he managed to get to both of you, pick him up, they burn your hand, right? So he kicked one closer together, like tick, tick, tick got from both sides said that covered him up in the garbage can and ran back down. He's on my range and round down, back down in my range My cell is right across the range from his self So I grabbed the toilet paper to with them when we just started talking to hit the governments can knock you over all that You guys should just get comes out Massive Part of it has the To me it had a sweet snow but also a very bad smell. If I had, you know much about it started smelling sweet to me. But anyways and then you could see their lights and stuff. They came that gave her on the unit. Now, like there, if he were a sausage, probably a shot at us. So we locked up and that was that right? That was the end of the right for me and then in myself all my clothes is covered in fucking to your gas smelling salt dirty and Thorne wet. I'm like, Fuck, they're definitely going to know I was in the right if they search myself and find this stuff on me. So the next day, I spent all day ripping up all my clothes by fucking hand in flushing it by pieces down my toilet so that when they came and searched my cell had no dirty closer myself from writing so that I could say I wasn't writing. I was in myself the whole time.

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And you had that piece of thermal switch heard of you face the whole time so they wouldn't be able to get young camera.

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No, I also know that no, that was only in the start. So when the Wright when Wright first our immunity. I grab that from the fucking kid that was emphasized. I ripped it and have to give me my friend Robbie. Boys of peace. We tied on, we ran onto the unit. But once we started white, note that Bubble said the guards were gone. That is when we come from off. It was just until he got rid of the guards and the guards couldn't see what inmates were riding. That person

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I see it

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is it's killing the bubble trying to look at us. And that's why I was shooting. Who goes at it to try and and white note all the bass and then That's my friend already showed up, smashing his way through and Birch gone by then.

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So how much of the jail was writing? Was every inmate like

spk_1:   7:31
So I know everything opened up? Or

spk_0:   7:34
was it just a certain section?

spk_1:   7:35
No, I'd say so. There's like 600 of us bought 200 bucks were riding another 200 guys were just neutral doing nothing, And another 200 guys were fucking scared for their fucking layers.

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So even had the opportunity to write. But somewhere, just there's no that was

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well right. Or some people were locked in their cells like, didn't want to come out with one case of one Rangi random. Remember ourselves running down the Rangers smash up all the lights that the guards can't be done oranges. While one of the Rangers I went down when I was coming back down it, and Howard parking calls me into his Celanese. Okay. All right. I want you to know Macau Kill, come back. And so then, like an hour. So later, when I was walking back down that range, the guys were trying to get this one cell door open and fucking the guy that was in There was a bad piece of shit. Can't remember his name, but ah, yeah, He was no good. He was Ah, was a biker guy, and he had done something to some women like to come to prison for, for assaulting a woman. You have to be Europe pretty bad from prison. And this guy was in prison for for domestic assault on a woman is white for

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over two years away. Something you could

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pretty Yeah, I got upended areas of Europe. So these guys want if I can lay a beating into him right on. I want buy that cell. I'm a reader. Go get doping. You guys were trying to get us up this cell cell open this three or four of them. They're all younger guys. They're the kind of experience and then just happen to be walking by. His cell door buzzes open. And one of the guys is the Angus. I'm like, Hey, what's up? You guys doing right back? This guy's a group we're gonna get now the doors. Although some of the door opens, but now they're all standing there. None of them want to run in there. All kind of scared. And the guys, the guy standing in to sell himself right? He's got some type of fucking I don't know what it was a stick or pipe or something in his hand, and he's got the chair in front of them and they're all scared to run in there. So the one guy he's standing there and he's got a fuckin look. Uh, um, piece of camera where you have your past, me, that. And he passes it to me and I go to go. But like, running first, I go to go and I swing it at the guy in the chair thing, the chair that had in his hand, he lifted up, and the piece of wood did I had in my hand. It was too wide for my hand. So it fell out of my hand when it when the guy lifted up the chair. So I backed out and records it like I need something else. And then I remember I talked about that angle iron that I used to bring me the concrete. Well, there's another piece of angle iron sitting there from another bench but are still attached. One of the pieces of wood from the bench that the guys jumped on and broke it off the wall. So if I can grab that and now I'm standing beside the guy's cell door so he can't see me. I'm at the side of it, and all those guys are still standing at his door. And Wrolich, we're gonna fucking get you by. But they're all young and scared going in. This biker guy, if he's a pretty tough guy, apparently. Right. Um, so they don't know whatever. They're not being cowards, like not being chickens, but they just you know, they just one of the parts they just run in there and even I don't want you right on. So I'm standing to the side, and my buddy Angus is done in there. And without even saying anything, Teams like he read my mind. I was going to run in with that fucking as a piece of fucking I'm Liron and fucking hit him with it this time. But I want to go in when he doesn't have that rocking chair. Right? And Angus, that give me, like, a quick Noblet, not at his head. Like when it was good for me to run because I was standing beside the guy Salt, or you can't see me. Angus nods at me real quick. I couldn't go to go running in. Sure enough, the chair he didn't have up. I fucking stream that fucking piece of online with the fucking would stuck to it, sort that gets just a big fucking mess. But I swing it and it flies on my hand. Hit him square in the face, summer room before he gets that therapy falls backwards. So in ourselves as a little metal closet we got were we could hang stuff up in our hold, our genes and stuff. But our underwears and ship you falls backwards into that. And as I'm walking up, the guys are all running past me into this cell, the fuck up. And he got fucked up pretty bad. And there were lots of guys like that. We're trying to stay in their cells because they didn't want to come out because they had a bad beef. Someone was gonna fuck him up or whatever. And then other guys, like I said, me and my friend went found are one buddy now asked him to come right with us. And he gave his excuses, right? No, I've seen all this shit before. I'm just gonna really quickly. Yeah. Not everyone wanted to write. Only thinking bunch of us wanted to.

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And although it doesn't sound easy because you got a Spanish record over the stuff. But, I mean, how often do these things happen? Because it sounds like if someone's getting up, see it with the gods. They could If the group of them going to go to the South page, they could start one.

spk_1:   12:21
Well, yeah, but they don't go off very often. Like in the whole time I was in there. There's only two riots I was involved in out of my whole 12 years under that 15 12 that I didn't know that. And one of them I was in and the other one happened to be in the whole when it started. So I couldn't be apart than when it started. And so only two during my whole time. So they don't happen a lot. And it's weird what sets him off, right? Something set them up. And yeah, it just depends on the atmosphere. The inmates, I thought when they took tobacco away for example, the room was going to write and safe like that. You're not taking tobacco early, But when they took about to back away, there wasn't any writes about it. I was like, Wow, but it was really a lot of guys actually ended up scene. Should, like I've always wondered. Quit. So I'm glad they took it away there helping twin

spk_0:   13:12
the force to do it. Um, And then what? What What is the prison look like after this bloody mess is going on?

spk_1:   13:18
Or were locked down for a good 30 days that the jail was smashed like? Well, there was four units. My unit, unit 11 and unit eight were destroyed. Unit can apparently was up and ready to run right away. Barely got any damage on unit 10 and ah, Unit nine was So so so yeah. Really depended. What unit you're on. How bad? Your unit got smashed. They had to come in and they had to fix the guards. Bubble was there to fix some doors that wouldn't close and lock anymore. There was massive flooding like guys slighted. There's a good with water on the lower ranges. So some guy said to lock up in their cells with fucking water in it. That sucked. Why did I agree

spk_0:   14:00
Percussion for the for the Because you started, all the guys are involved with

spk_1:   14:05
trying. You know, the guards trying to figure out afterwards she was all in the riot, and then they take fucking who they can figure out. Um, I thought they might fucking come drive me for sure. Because I was running around everywhere and I thought, Yeah, my name's gonna get passed around. But when Nick, when they came scooping everybody, they didn't scoop me so good.

spk_0:   14:25
And with that land street time off,

spk_1:   14:28
um, you pendant, depending what you're involved in. Yeah. Most guys were getting time out it onto their sentence for sure. One or two years, any transfer, you automatically get transferred to different prisons or, you know, you know, now you got all your brothers and shit you're doing time with now your summer house. You gotta start over somewhere else. Look, uh,

spk_0:   14:49
but it's also you told me one time he had that. It's a separate thing. I guess it's the same wording the riot act read to you,

spk_1:   14:59
and I liked it right

spk_0:   15:01
away. you always hear people talking about read the riot, act like you're trying. You feel like to look at all. Yeah, I really read the right actor. So what does it mean? And how did it happen with you?

spk_1:   15:10
Okay, so the right doctors, when they formally ask you to stop doing what her behavior you're doing, just stop it and and cease and desist, basically. And if you don't force will be used. So that's the right act. And after you've been after they've told you that, then they will use force. So they got a gun pointed you. You will be shocked if it's a beanbag gun or tazer or gas, whatever. Whatever they have means to use the can use after the region. Right act. So I got read the riot act when I so some places they don't want you to go off one places where we're gathering group. Sure. In where people aren't happy. Like the kitchen cafeteria. I have trouble eating onions. Always have ever since I was a kid, because when I was a kid, my mom needs to fucking meet me. Take a bite of a raw onion If I sworn ship So I was. I hated the taste of onions. I went to health care and I told him I didn't try and lie or not tonight told me the truth. I said, I don't have an allergy, but I can t onions. I have another version two. And so what? We only give dies. Two people have allergies. And I was like, Well, it's the same. I said, I can't eat it and you guys put it in everything. So anyways, this one for 2 to 3 years of I couldn't get working diet of me throwing food at the guards, like fucking getting sent to the whole for fucking. Um I hit one guard when we're locked up in ourselves working. I had a tray of food and it was just They put onions and everything in there like a staple. I mean everything. And if you take onions out, it still tastes like onion, so you can eat around onions. Your Buddhist sparked went to those onions in it in there, and he gave me a tray of food, and it was just a big chunks of onions and no meter. Nothing was supposed to be a stew. I working through that, Adam? Another time I had this past the ship working, Tommy Tough was the name of the guard. The same thing I said. I said something about I can't eat. This isn't the only whatever. I give you a knife. I can swing my fuckin tree if we got him in Nevers spaghetti salad in there, but cold spaghetti salad. So it was getting noodles, but like mayonnaise. And if I can, there was one hanging out. I'm kidding, but was hanging off of his ear in such there. The guards after I hit him with the guards slammed my door right away. And then I can see the guards out on out on the range. All it Or what the fuck was that? The one guard that I here with you. What country? If you tell me tough speaking spaghetti noodles, other is fucking pocket. And there's a spaghetti neural hanging off Was here, the other guards, smirking, kind of smiling, Adam because this guy was from another unit and he was nicknamed Tommy. Talk with use an asshole. He's always acted tough to other inmates. And you got into a couple fistfights with inmates another story. Tell you about these inmates? Uh, he was being some type of assault to them. He was walking through the yard. This one inmate had a bag of baseball bat. You can go to the gym and sign them out and then take him to the baseball diamond. We played baseball in there, right? And then when the games were we gotta take the batch back and sign them back in. Well, this guy walked by, Tommy. Tough. I don't know what was said or nothing. I wasn't there for it. Right, Tommy? Tough being the usual asshole guard that he is most this fucking inmate off it. Inmate fucking opened up the fucking bag of bats, grabbed a battle, walked up to batter him in the fucking head with great in the yard, right in front of the baby boom. So this guide was known for starting shit with guys all the time. And so, uh, the guard when they when they locked me up, the guard actually sticks his head in my my cell door and actually asked me, He goes, you'll write English. That's the guy. I'm fine. I need another milk gets another. Undergo that? I don't think so, though. Just like my meal on the garden. And I didn't get another, but I didn't care Fucking onions, anyway, But yeah, those are some examples of some finish in I'm in the kitchen, and it was actually kind of funny fucking event that happened. Uh, try and remember it all. It was Ah. Okay, so it was pizza days were supposed to have pizza. And now I now I argued and argued to get my onion free card. I went to the hole a couple of times sparking getting into it with guards and show this onion diet. Finally, this one guard got me the onion free diet. He went and actually talked to the warden and said, There's an inmate that's in the whole right now and enter that I I don't know what he told him, but he came and told me he used the one that Pittman was because there he told me. He says he told the warden about me, Says the warden was basically, like, give him his diet park 60. What's the big deal? All this time, I've been putting up all this fucking trouble. And you know just to get into diet that easy. So now I get the diet, and now, but now they don't always honor it. So sometimes I'll get a meal and it's supposed to have no ends on it. And they won't have one for me or you'll make me something city. So there's a proof example. You only get pizza once a month in prison. It sucks already. It's prison pizza, but it's still better than most of the crap we get. So I'm all hyped up. Think. All right, I'm gonna get pizza and most pizza days. I could never have any cause they always said onions on it. So I'm all stoked right now. I'm gonna get pizza. I go. There are God fucking pizza for me. They got this little fucking piece of, like, breaded fucking crappy bologna with just plain tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato paste smeared on top with a piece of cheese. I was like, What the fuck is this? And I'm fucking holding out the staff in their their the kitchen that not the guards, but just like not the inmates, but just the regular stock that come in and work in the kitchen I'm holding out them. I'm not a fucking goof working. Don't treat me like a fucking goof frickin. And that's my turn to the rest of the inmates. I said, that's what I see. I'm not a fucking goof. I don't know about the fucking rest of use fucking that's I turned to them and said There's little what can try and feed me like a goof because I tried to involve the rest of the inmates. That's when the guards started approaching me. And they're reading me the right act, right? Basically telling me it. No call myself, Stop doing what I'm doing. I can't remember how it goes. But Baba, by their reading it to me as their reading it to me Fucking the door opens up to the kitchen. So when you go into the cafeteria, the kitchen partner there cooking is locked separate from where we eat. All of a sudden, the door opens up. Just this fucking, um I'm just finished blowing up and the guards were walking towards me. There are armed or not? No, just the guys that standing in the doorway of the kitchen and that door opens up Our guys coming over the trade to. We have milk and bread and stuff out there. So he's going t swap it out. The door opens. I walk in as I'm walking on, locking in on mad, ready to fucking start something and the staff role there. And I was shocked to see me. And I see a fucking old like the tree of peaches there. I grab a fucking trade in my walk up. What can put him for fucking everybody that's working in the kitchen. If I could eat, take a couple for myself for king, I start walking. The guards were walking towards me as I'm walking out.

spk_0:   22:12
Was Iranians on the pizza? I just said, Gather that. That's so there's

spk_1:   22:15
onions on the pizza, right? I grab it just cause I want to take it like a fucking over. I walked back. Oh, as I'm walking back up, the guards were reading that, right? Me too. Right. I I got some of the pizza cause I got friends on the unit that you're gonna want some of the pizza. And then I'm also think I'm gonna go to the hole. Is I'm walking down the rate of the I walk out of the the kitchen and I'm walking down the breezeway. The guards were falling me out of the breeze. Rick Inmate, you got to go back to yourself and I'm like, That's run going like like I'm leaving now. But I started caused too much shit. So there's an example where I read the riot act. I got read the Riot Act, and in that situation, if they wanted to shooting yourself, they could. So, anyways, I leave the kitchen and I'm in the range. I'm on the breezeway and they locked both ends of the gate, and then the guards all come walking down the breeze Race. This is just, like closed off corridor. Basically, they call her breezeway because they're splitting. It were there. It's a calm. So it's not a closed up hallway user air. Conclusive. Um, they're walking towards me. They got all their right gear on full fucking Fulgear, and they've got Children in front of them with batons and they're walking towards me walking, stalking their feet and banging it Aton off of the fucking thing. Like like there. There's a big commotion. I sit down, I got the fucking pizza. There I take one of the pieces I'm picking off working pieces onions, and start trying to here. Yeah, I know. I'm going to the fucking hole now, no matter what all this stuff started. Yeah, that's what's meant. When you get rid of the right action.

spk_0:   23:52
You really do not like onions. A

spk_1:   23:54
No, I'm working here. I got into the double in their over onions. It was crazy. And then when I finally got my onion freed, I still got in trouble in their over them because they wouldn't honor the diet half the time or yeah, it was sparked stars

spk_0:   24:10
that the only that was the only event we got. Read the riot act.

spk_1:   24:16
Um, trying to remember your time I got Oh, there was another time. I flipped over in the courtyard, juke. I'm trying to remember it was all fuck. That's how I got the nickname Flipper. I was out in the courtyard. They're trying to tell me the lockup was actor locked up. Fuck, I can't remember what happened. But so they called lockup like, just regular lock up for lunch. So all the inmates got to return yourselves for lock up, and then they're gonna come count us. And when counters we get out people for lunch. I can't remember what the fuck was mad about, but I was out in the yard and everyone's return to their cells to lock up. And I've got all the guards standing around me, like 10 or so guards in a circle. They're all telling me to calm down and return to myself. And I'm telling them I am trying to fucking calm down. But you keep trying to come near me. Like I kept thinking They're going to try and come and grab me. And I'm fighting with them like, really mad. I can't remember what who's mad about. And then that's really fucking guys were yelling through the windows. Flipper, calm down, Flipper. Well, maybe you know, you

spk_0:   25:27
you flip out if you getting that nickname in prison, cause I'm sure there's a few people with some anger problems there.

spk_1:   25:32
Yeah, Yeah, I can't. Every time your front of other inmates and stuff basically bucking. If you're going off, they will try and reach it, right? Actor, If you're being really violent, you know what year we got a blade in your fucking in your cell or something. You'll get rid the right act so that you gotta put the blade down and they're gonna come in and get you basically right. And in the weather characterized, You don't have to be riding to get ready. Yeah, it's basically a cease and desist order. Basically, stop doing what you're doing or your force is gonna be used. Is just of it.

spk_0:   26:07
Did you get shot with something or taste or sprayed or anything in prison?

spk_1:   26:12
No, not me. I looked OK. No worse was users Me. When I was a young offender, I got fucking all kinds of shit. They used to use mattresses and run that you'd tsunami into the wall and push it to the ground. That was the tactics when I was in young offender in Ontario. Yeah, I know. In prison, I never got any of that shit. Never got shorter. And I got stabbed by another inmate. Right enough, my dear. Yeah,

spk_0:   26:38
what was it

spk_1:   26:39
that you are starting in the back? I was over. Some guys were playing poker and I was standing in there watching and, you know, just teasing this one guy. He was losing whatever he you got all upset cause he was losing. I had said something. Just making a joke. I mean, I wasn't playing. He said if you're not playing or something, work out of your I said something back. Like whenever Alba were like, I want he got all mad about it. But I thought that was the end of it. I walked away, even like, you know, you get out of here, You know, I'm not playing off because I wasn't trying to be nice. I was just joking, right? He got all upset about I walked away, figured it was done, and then fucking later on that day, I'm walking to go to work. Last week, my friend to the back for your son, I feel like a punch in my back. Uh, no one about conference shit, but you feel like a punch in my back. And then I turned and looked lost on my body that I'm were broken jumps. The guys like Paul are like reading and thinking What the fuck? And I'm standing there thinking who starts a flight by punching somebody in the back. You know this man as I am reaching back with my hand to feel my back. That's for my friend turns and looks at me like you. Are you OK? Are you OK? I put my hand from my back and sell covered in blood. I didn't get punched in the back. You fucking trying to stab me with a plexi glass bleed? You hit me in the back river, so it I felt like a really strong punch. But it didn't go in and just took a big chunk of skin on my back or short to you in time because it hit the ribbon. Yeah, and she just took a chunk of skin it on my back and everything. Like somebody punched out before I even knew I was stabbed. My friend had already punched him out. That's that's what solid friends could be in there. You and I mean, when shit goes down, you gotta have your friends backs, like another friend of mine is so so remember these two guys were beating off to me like they're going to collect some fucking data as that guy. Whatever on for necessary. I will when it gets dark. That's when the creep he's come out the plane. I'm like What? What will do this right now? Be right back. Not sure. I go walking to myself because I'm fucking wearing shower slippers, always walking on my shower. So if I go back to my range going to myself, put my shoes on, I'm tying up my shoes. And that's what my good bro Maddie, I was telling you about that was catching the canisters with me of doping. Tobacco. I'm tying up my shoes and everything, and you can come and you can tell I'm mad in something behind. He's like, he's like, What's up? Well, I just others a couple fucking guys out there. Think they're gonna fucking you know something? He jumped down. He doesn't ask. What did you What did I do? Who are there? Nothing just jumps down. Tying up a shoes. All right, bro, let's go. That road. He knows your friends, these two assholes. So we go see them and they're collecting for some. This one other guy in there who I happen to do a solid for He had lost his phone chip for his phone is low, simple. And he lost on the sacred grounds when he came to go to a sweat ceremony. I happen to found it. I did the footwork and everything kept quite figured out. Who owned it? Got it back to him, You see? All right, on He's all thankful and shit. He says, Yeah, if you need anything comes to me, I go see him. He gives me a little bit of heroin. Like a couple flaps. They're hurting. I go back and chemical, those were kind of smoke. I cough a cup more off you, and so he gives me two more. I were four more. Two more each to for me to for my cell mate. And just so we can try and get high, that's all she is. Heroin. It, um So And he tells you, Don't worry about paying him back. They paint it back whenever because I did a solid for him. So payday comes and I don't even think I own yet. And then these guys come and try. Collect what? I don't know what a shit your and I mean that if you guys want to try and collect like this Fuck use. I'm not paying nothing. So now I show back up with my friend and I'm telling these two guys in, like, I can go get buddy, tell him to come out here and I'm gonna fucking slam this fucking and as we're walking back, Fucking Ghost keeper comes walking up. My friend Maddie. You guys a couple blades for us? No, no, we don't need or just No, no, no. I just think it's three grabs everything. And now we're the first time in front of the unit. We introduced you guys to come out. We could handle the blade. These two guys come out and I tell him you can get that fucking guy out here working. And you can take this fucking blade out of this fucking back or whatever sparking out of this chest shot my second What? I said, but you can pull this fucking blade out of them for you. Well, hold on working. And so they go back in their unit, they come back out now. These guys were supposed to be collecting off of me. They're supposed to be the big bad collectors. Now they come off the range and they come up with dope for me and Maddie to give us some dough for tonight. We don't want. No problem. We took care of that beef or that that that you guys don't own up to me. Here. You guys share some for you guys for now. So we end up going back to arrange our unit getting I'm laughing about more bucks with these guys. Stupid suit like that.

spk_0:   31:26
How easy it is to get blades in there, Not one of the time. You just tell most of the time you get it off subcontractors that are coming in to fix stuff

spk_1:   31:37
thing on my mind. I almost turned my fucking 15 year bit into a life, right after a lot. When I first working got into drum, I got in their mid day, so I went at fucking It would have been at supper time. I went to fucking the cafeteria and I ate lunch or your life. So I got there before I got there before suffers. I went there at suppertime and I sat down with a good friend of mine j and forking. Ah, something should happen to him. To anybody trying to stay on track with my story. I sat down and ate supper with him, and then I asked him if anyone sits at the table. I said, if I can come and sit there, give us a music. I don't mind if you come cigarette. I'm right. Cool. So the next day I get up and I'm not even on a unit yet. When you first come in, there's a reception tank unit that you got to go to while you're waiting to get put on your unit. What you're going to go to, you know, in lunch and supper time Only two units go to time out of the four units. So and there's two sides to the cafeteria. Is there only be one unit on each side at a time. So when I went at lunchtime, just my friend Jay was sitting at the table. Now, when I went back it breakfast time, there was another guy sitting there at the spot where I was. I'm not trying to be in a cellar. Nothing. I'm not trying to chair check on my K. You're in my chair. I'm new. I just got there. I'm just want to ask him if he normally sits there, because then I won't sit there if it's his chair. So I'm not even talking to. I'm talking my friend Jay and records, you know, me sit there. Because if he doesn't, I'm gonna sit somewhere else, and then he pipes up something about you got a fucking problem about McBride? I'm like, holy fuck right in front of people. Another. Everyone's looking at me all of a sudden, right? I'm like, I'm not starting my bit like this. So I sit down on the end of this for chairs at the table. I sit down at the other chair at the table. I'm trying to eat my friend Jason, your cable, and I'm looking at this guy, and he's like, looking at me like, No, no, don't be nothing here to unpack. It vibrate. And after that, there's no way I'm starting my fucking time here and drum like this with this fucking guy. So I go back to my I'm on the reception tank. They got a mock pale, just plain yellow mop pills with metal handles on it. When I when I first went to drum, they hadn't bumped. Tiptoe us, making bleeds out of those. Yet they eventually figure out what we make bleeds that have they taken away we figure out something off. So anyways, I walked back onto my reception unit and I see the fucking mock pill there reflecting. So I'm gonna make a played. I take the metal, um, handle thing off the top. I go to myself, I bandit Bennett Bennett. I break it down into a piece the size I want, and then I'm sitting myself sitting on my toilet and then in the corner where the concrete walls come together, you just run the run, the piece of metal back and forth, their shop with that and it sharpens up quick. And you just sit like you're sitting on your toilet watching parking the guards down the range, make sure they don't come. So I'm sitting there sharpening up, and then it's perfect right there. There's a fucking so that what you put the toilet paper roll on in there. It's just a plain white plastic sleeves. They got its like this. The playing piece of plastic hard to describe brain was playing piece of plastic, and I've got this piece of metal Now sharpen up on. Went in. I put the piece of plastic over top of it, and then fucking heat up with the lighter. And then using my towel, I squish the plastic down onto the metal so that it melts and squeezes onto it and then hardens onto it. And then I pulled the Talbak officer. Now it's made like grip on the plastic handle from the towel in front, into it in the last six months, it onto the metal. So it's perfect. That's how

spk_0:   35:08
easy it is to

spk_1:   35:09
make a shaking their boy. I was been in there working two days. I've already got a shank parking bay and store. Now, um and then So now I'm waiting for lunch. Time to go, because I'm on the reception tank. I'm only allowed to go out it meal times because I'm not on the unit yet. And then all of sudden, I get placed on unit because we know you're going unit 11 like Right on. So now I had it in the general population to go to my unit. I drop off my stuff off by selling. I'm sitting right on the on the front of my unit, and I'm waiting for this fucking guy to come out of his unit wherever he lives. I'm gonna find. I'm sitting on the front of my unit and I know my friend Jay lives on that unit was when I was beaten with them and stuff. He said, He's on your 11. Ask your unit 11. Did you know I get to go to your 11 So I'm sitting up front, my friend Jay comes up and sits down beside me and usually telling me who's over there that we both know And I'm like, OK, I, uh hes like What's up? Are you OK? And I'm telling them, you know, tell him I'm gonna park and do something about that guy. As I'm in the middle of telling him my story, this other guy comes out into being a really good friend of mine camp. He was a really big boy if you were here. Is this nothing but love camp walking? He's the kind of size like my size. I'm the kind of size that if people fucking me, I got to do something about it. And then they got to learn the hard way. Can is the kind of size were nobody fucks with him, so he just has to say it does not do anything and eso I'm sitting and I'm telling J what's happening. Kcom camp comes out, we're talking to him and stock, and then I don't want him to do with my business, right, because then he's, like, all good. I'm not No, no, I can handle it. Shit. And then So we're sitting there still talking about it all sudden, that guy comes out of his unit, he's on unit eight, were all sit in front of 11. And then my friend Jesus going is that I was telling before I could even stand up. Can you Can you standing up and looks at me in years touches me with his hand on my shoulder. You just stay here. I tell you, whatever fuck you get. Something starts walking. There was this guy. We can't hear what's being said, cause there across the courtyard, right? Whatever he's telling this guy, you can see that this guy's definitely fucking afraid. You can see he's just fucking something Can comes and sniffs back down and everything. You gotta be smart guys space And he goes, you goes okay, I'm sitting with you guys now You told the guy like get the fuck That's not your table. The mortar. So he was able to handle that situation with just words, But I was ready to go and stabbed this fucking guy. You see, um, you know, I would have made a hell of a lot different situation for myself.

spk_0:   37:36
Yeah, that would be in bed and stay out of ST ST time and again.

spk_1:   37:40
Yeah, because this guy was fucking big fucking country, and I didn't know liken anybody. I just got there, right? I just had a few friends that I knew from the remand centre. So yeah,

spk_0:   37:52
so they must be quite a lot of weapons being used. Their lost savings and stuff.

spk_1:   37:57
Um, no, I want what a lot. Oh, I love me is one. But say I'd say stabbings. If the pain is that there's no way you can have streaks in the whole time. I'm gonna ask you as

spk_0:   38:16
well as do snitches get stitches.

spk_1:   38:19
Oh, yeah, for sure. So they're saying is based on your store before they even get to the pen. Snitches get punched open in remand centres net early. Yeah, well, because a lot of times snitches, it's not a charge, So it's not like, you know, you can read somebody's charges and say, Oh, this guy got charged for being a snitch. You gotta find out he was a snitch. It won't be on his paperwork. So you gotta It has to be like he went to court and he has a co accused and his coaches got back over by. So we know he's a snitch or he never got no time. Or, you know, I mean, you got a free growth. Snitches happen doesn't add up with yard. Usually the guys in the remand centres and stuff usually do that while the guy's going to court. If I notice a snitch and then if they when they make it independent stuff, if they haven't fucking there's no protective custody in prison or more like there's no ranges where there's pieces of shit and there's not positions shit. Instead, they try and just hi guys, while in the in the max there's ranges where there's pieces of shit. That's because they're on 24 hour, 23 hour lock down 24 hour lock down on their own range so they don't mix with nobody. Um, because I even news even maximum security guys that are pieces of shit. So you gotta lock him up by themselves. But they'll get punched. Don't. Constantly, but yeah, So there's nowhere for them to hide. So the send them instead. The prisons were Nobody will know them, right? And then as long as they keep the most shot, nobody finds out. And then usually a Maybe a year or two later, you might find open. A lot of times you don't find out in the pen, usually find out. Remand centre in the pen is where guys get fucked up for being rapists and child molesters and shit like that. But snitches to still.

spk_0:   40:10
So that snitch is that what you're talking about? These ears is informants or something to the police. But what about people are snitching inside like telling the God stuff?

spk_1:   40:20
Oh, yeah, for sure to get punched over, looking for sure. 800%.

spk_0:   40:25
Is that easy to find out that doing that are you gotta work out.

spk_1:   40:29
Well, you gotta figure out, but you can always figure it out. I don't know why guys fucking snitch like

spk_0:   40:34
is this was gonna ask you, you know, going to get out in the early if it's snitching in prison, would

spk_1:   40:38
Yeah, guards. I'm gonna help you or anything. I mean, you're fucking inmate like you're fucking criminal. Like you're you're not their friend. They're not your friend, all right, Snitching. Is this the stupidest fucking thing in the world and do it's It

spk_0:   40:53
should be benefits like free. And I know that party. Could they be any extra benefits of the guy? Do God's

spk_1:   41:01
dio I hear jokes about them getting paid tobacco from, ah, the guards to pay their debts and shit, Whether that's true or not, I honestly have annoyed you. I have heard that more than once. Guys saying, Oh, did you get where these bills from core counter core can, uh, ipso of the guards, right? If so, is basically the guards there. Their security is its internal prison security officers or something technical. What? Yeah, so they're basically the cops of the coppers. They do all the investigating in shit. And so if guys were snitching and stuff, they'd be the ones they go to. And I have her jokes about guys that's being paid by them. But as far as it being true, I don't. I don't think so. Some guys sniffs because they're scared and they wanna They wanted the guards toe, hide them somewhere so they'll go and snitch and they'll get put in the hole, and then they'll get transferred to a different prison where nobody knows him, and then they'll park and be the same, actually, were there? Um Ah. Other reasons for snitching, I think. Our guys trying to get out, they think they're going to get older, they're going to get less time. But like I said, that's usually more than guys in the remand centre. They're they're snitching on their partners so that they don't get more time. Right? Right. Yeah. Snitching in the pan wants your in the pain of your snitching. You know, I don't know what the point of that is, other than I guess it. Guys air scared and they want to check in

spk_0:   42:29
all the gods of threatening them with something else. Forgive you. Don't tell me this. This is what's gonna happen. No, that's just

spk_1:   42:35
it, right? The guards don't really do that too much, right? But when they did it to me, that was a rude thing. That that some saying it was It was a fucked up situation on day involved the street cops. I was the RCMP doing it. Not the guards charging me for that obstruction of justice.

spk_0:   42:52
And you've got to carry the outside of prison to a low. There's no whether you write someone out.

spk_1:   42:57
Yeah, I know never when there's nothing to gain from it. It's just It's just not me. I could never live with myself. I can't imagine there's so many reasons. Why not you? But when I can't imagine going to somebody else and saying Help me with this. Perfect. You mean with something I started? You know me, I started I should do with it. I just can't. I just got a stick up for myself. I just Yeah,

spk_0:   43:22
because they was that one situation that we're going to involved with. That you knew something was going on with another workout. But you wouldn't. You wouldn't say anything about it.

spk_1:   43:32
Well, when I threw buddy off the sky, holding

spk_0:   43:34
no is going end up getting for it and were like, Was he no working? Was he no money 1000 easily.

spk_1:   43:42
Yeah. I wouldn't say nothing. I know I actually covering for my was trying to cover for him as much as I could. And that's what Mike come and seeming was like, Where is he? And I was trying to say somewhere on site and then my current looking for him and they couldn't find him. And then my came back and I tried to say, Mike, like we're getting the work done. Something I can't remember. What? And Mike said something. Stay out of this. Okay, Whatever. And that's when I found out he was fired that day.

spk_0:   44:10
Yeah, cause they got on GPS in the Indo.

spk_1:   44:13
Yeah, but yeah, that's that. That's that's just Yeah, that's just the way I am. I It was even the same thing with that other guy when I tossed him off the scaffold and same thing, I couldn't go to the boss and say that he was fucking up. The work comes to me that would have been snitching on him, so I don't want him to keep fucking up the work, but the same time I can't go to the, You know, I was about to say the guards can't go to the boss and say knockin on, um and so I end up working, but I don't want to get in trouble for it myself. That's why I ended up throwing him off Scotland. Like, fucking leave it alone. You know what I mean?

spk_0:   44:49
And we're gonna take Gillis is a vice and leave that absurd alone for this week. I because enjoyed Pizza Day Riot Act. You guys also never offer Gillis any onions or anything with onions and a, um, next week, we're going to a punishing covert episode. No, I wouldn't do that to you. There is actually an outbreak in Mission B C. Prison, which Gillis spend a couple years. And so we're gonna get his take on what locked down would look like if they're locked out for over 30 days, which is the current situation, and and how the president works under lock down. We're also going to hear about Gillis is experience with tent cities. Um, for those of you don't know. And Victoria, the local government has set up a tent city where all the homeless people can congregate on. That lasted a couple weeks, and it's all going to appear shape. So we're gonna get his opinion in his experiences on tent cities because it's not the 1st 1 that's come up Wall Gillis has Bean downtown. We also we also get a few stories about Gillis is drug use in downtown Victoria and also his current situation. Hey, has been taking some medication to stop opiate cravings for the last couple years, and he's just weaning himself off that at the moment. So we talked to him about his experiences outside of prison and how he's cleaning up and basically, how he's doing these days. So, um, quite nice to see him and his current state now and just get, ah, get his perspective on where he's at it. Life. Before we moved back into some of this dark stuff in his life, a couple of it of use head asked me, um, did I miss the brother? Insist the story. Now we decided not to dive into it. The 1st 2 episodes were pretty bloody emotional, so we're going to save that for a later date. We might skim over it a bit, so it's not so hard for Gillis to talk about, but obviously that was a pretty pivotal moment in Gillis his life. But we will go back in touch on it as usual. Thanks very much for listening. We really do appreciate it when I see that the episode now and we have a lot of fun doing it. You guys are enjoying listening. Please write a review us on any platform that you listen to us on and maybe share it with one friend. But I will see you next week on plan English.